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Dancing Soul

Organized by: Jessica Floristan

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Dance ... Besides being fun and stress relieving ... It is an an art, a way of expressing emotions through movement, and a way of bringing the whole world together through culture. Dancers don't get enough credits sometimes and are underestimated. If only people knew how hard we really worked. Not everything is as simple as it looks. We make it look simple and enjoyable for our beautiful audience. If you know what it feels like to have a passion and believe in it as much as you believe in needing to breath, please help us with ours. We would like to thank everyone that shows support. Help our team ! Every penny counts. Below are brief descriptions of different styles of dance and their history. HISTORY OF SALSA Salsa is a distillation of many Latin and Afro-Caribbean dances. Each played a large part in its evolution. Salsa is similar to Mambo in that both have a pattern of six steps danced over eight counts of music. The dances share many of the same moves. In Salsa, turns have become an important feature, so the overall look and feel are quite different form those of Mambo. Mambo moves generally forward and backward, whereas, Salsa has more of a back charge to back charge feel. BRIEF HISTORY OF SALSA ON 2 OR MAMBO DANCING Salsa on “2” or Mambo, is a combination of jazz with Afro-Cuban beat. The Mambo was very popular in the 1940’s, and it has remain popular in New York, parts of the U.S., and in many parts of the world. The Mambo has a wild feeling that explodes on the dance floor when dancers release their emotions to the beat of this dance. The Mambo is recognized mostly by accentuating Latin body movements, arms movements or styling, and shine steps. Mambo Salsa is spreading globally so get your dance shoes and learn it so you can have a blast!!. SALSA CASINO OR RUEDA Salsa Casino is a combination of rhythms like Guaracha and Son Montuno. Salsa Casino is Miami style salsa. NOTE: Salsa Casino Rueda is originally from Cuba. Salsa Casino Rueda is like square dancing, many couples get together in a circle and they do the same steps as the caller of the rueda calls the steps. MERENGUE The Merengue was originated in Dominican Republic by african slaves. Merengue has a strong character of hip movement. The exciting rhythm of the merenge inspired dancers to show of their ability to move and shake, the animation of the Merengue comes from having fun and enjoying the dance. CHA-CHA-CHA also known as GUAJIRA Originally from Cuba, Cha – Cha is a fun latin dance that was part of the Mambo. Cha-Cha became the rage of the early 1950’s and still popular. Cha – Cha is a dance where you can show your personality. Cha – Cha is fun and easy to learn. Cha-Cha is recognized by accentuating the chasse or triple step. cha,cha,cha. TANGO The Tango Became the romantic rage in the 1920’s. The tango is a dance of drama and sensuality. Tango started in the West Indies and later made it’s ways to Argentina where it has become stylized to its present form. BOLERO Bolero is a romantic, sophisticated smooth and sentimental dance. Bolero is the dance of love. The music and the feeling of Bolero enhances a sense of love and romance. SAMBA Samba is originally from Brazil. Samba is a versatile dance. There is the Samba Brazileira and the Ballroom Dance Samba. RUMBA Rumba is originally from Cuba. Rumba is a dance that accentuates the Cuban motion or hip motion. Rumba is the dance of showmanship. FOXTROT Foxtrot is a smooth dance that has a feeling of continuity and movement. Foxtrot is a must learn dance, because it provides the dancers to get to know each other. WALTZ Waltz begun in Southern Germany in the 17th century. The Waltz gives dancers the chance to learn good balance, and move lightly with ease. In addition, the Waltz enhances good posture. VIENNESE WALTZ Viennese Waltz is a smooth dance that is elegant and graceful. The gliding and movements give the dancers the feeling of skating. The Viennese Waltz brings to mind the lovely ladies in their flowing gowns dancing to the sound of Strauss Waltzes. DISCO/HUSTLE Disco Hustle was very popular in New York in the 1970’s and still popular. The hustle is a fusion of swing and disco. The hustle, is still popular today and it’s danced to modern Disco. SWING Swing was popular in the 1930’s. The craze of the swing swept the nation. The Swing, depending on where you lived, it was the jitterbug, the lindy, or the swing. CUMBIA Cumbia is originally from colombia. Cumbia is a folklore dance. Cumbia is a fun dance that accentuates the swing of the hips in combination with a lot of arm movements.


Organized by

Jessica Floristan

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