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Kathy Welborn's Fundraiser:

Help Dan fight his cancer

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Dan was diagnosed with cancer a year ago. He was told that if he didn't get treatment he would die within a year. He had surgery to remove a stage 4 cancer mass which meant they removed part of is kidney. Problem is he is diabetic. He needs his kidneys to process sugar and is insulin dependant. He also has a broken shoulder near his artery in his -they can't fix it. He had a seizure and fell-he was by himself.
He was by himself as I was working two jobs to pay for our mortgage and medical bills along with power bill, water, food,etc. Well in August I was laid off from my primary job. I had a second job for groceries, insurance. Thank goodness I still have just enough money for us to eat.
I am working with some nice folks in our state to try and keep us from foreclosing on our house-it hasn't worked so far....... I am Dan's wife. I keep hitting walls. Dan is too ill to move and where in the world will we get the money to move? I have sold my jewelry, piano and so much more. I can;t seem to solve all this. Dan's famiiy is plagued with cancer and my parents have passed away.- what to do?
This is all too overwhelming.
I have applied for everything just to be turned down. Dan has been turned down for disability twice - we have to wait 6 months to get a court date.
Dan needs to have more medical care, but we can't afford it - we can't afford to pay our mortgage. We were okay until illness struck. We are hard working people - we never thought we would have to ask for help.
Dan was a golf professional and managed resort properties. He is so depressed that he can't do anything-work or basically anything, He sleeps all the time. He needs more medical help
Thank you for any ideas or funds you can spare. We have an attorney and congressman trying to help us hurry Dan;s disability - so we have much proof of our situation....they say six months at the least until court date. That is all they can do.



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Kathy is working on selecting a charity so you can support Help Dan fight his cancer.