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Danica Riggs

Danica Riggs
Gustine, CA United States
Stuff About Me:

So тнanĸғυl ғor all wнo donaтeѕ ιт'd тrυly a вleѕѕιng. I've alwayѕ ĸnown тo тнιnĸ oғ oтнer . Wнen I waѕ yoυnger and ѕтιll тoday oυr нoυѕe waѕ called тнe нoυѕe oғ вedѕ вecaυѕe мy мoтнer (r.I.p.) alwayѕ тooĸ тнe тιмe тo нelp oтнerѕ and alwayѕ нad eхтra вedѕ and вlanĸeтѕ ѕo anyone тнaт needed тo coυld eιтнer ѕтay тнe nιgнт or ѕтay 6 мonтнѕ. Unтιl тнey were ready тo geт вacĸ on тнeιr ғeeт. My мoм waѕ MAMA тo everyone and I нave ѕo мany loved oneѕ ιn мy lιғe вecaυѕe Tнe ғacт ѕнe waѕ ѕυcн an angel. My ѕιѕтer and I Sтιll тry oυr вeѕтѕ тo нelp anyone ιn need . even ѕтrυgglιng lιĸe we are we ѕтιll нave ғrιendѕ and ғaмιly coмιng and ѕтayιng wιтн υѕ cυz тнey need ιт and I'd raтнer вe вroĸe and rιcн ιn love тнen anyтнιng. Aѕ long aѕ I pυт a ѕмιle on ѕoмeone'ѕ ғace тнaт'ѕ wнaт ĸeepѕ мe goιng. I gυeѕѕ ιтѕ мy тυrn тo тry тo allow people тo нelp мe тo. Tнanĸ υ ѕo мυcн ғor all тнaт υ do ғor noт only мe вυт everyone тнaт тrυly needѕ ιт . god bless



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Help for the homeless of the valley

Help for the homeless of the…

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Dev&Dan;ι pg&e,ғood,нoυѕιng, мovιng fund

Dev&Dan;ι pg&e,…

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