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To be short - I am fundraising for an organization I have been proud to volunteer with this last year. This orginization, Mile in My Shoes, is to help change perceptions about homlessness/transtional housing and give many men and women an outlet or change of pace from their day to join a running community. I am fundraising to: 1) help this orginization purchase proper running gear for those who choose to run with us from these shelters and homes; 2) to cover fees for races for these runners to put their hard work to the testl; 3) to help make this orginization grow!!

If you are interested in more I would greatly appreciate if you would take a moment and listen about my passion for this orginization we call MIMS......

As an avid runner and a coach I know what running can bring someone. It can be their tool to get lost, to make decisions, to enjoy anothers company and make friend. It can be to sort through lists in their head, to contemplate hard tasks, to relieve stress, to laugh, feel accomplished, determined, and even find ourselves.

In sports the best way to learn if you are getting better, stronger, faster, or smarter is to compete. Competition is a space for gathering information about what serves you and what holds you back in life, it is where we put our hard work to the test. To compete you need to have integrity (to do what you mean); to be a good competitor is to run with integrity, over and over, setting realistic goals and strategies that YOU WILL EXECUTE. If you run with integrity you "develop an unshakable confidence in your abilities" and your understanding of yourself, and it gives you a platform for taking more risks. 


WELL, I am fundraising to support this group, Mile in My Shoes (MiMS), bringing together residents of Minneapolis/St. Paul with many diverse backgrounds through the power of running. Based out of homeless shelters and transitional housing facilities, MiMS serves as a community-building, health & wellness promotion, leadership & self-efficacy, and personal & political engagement within the non-homeless community. Through running with one another, our members & mentors not only find common ground, but begin to learn from and reach out to one another for support. As they transform themselves, they transform one another. Our members have run thousands of miles side by side with volunteer mentors, completing races from 1 mile to a marathon (!). They have lost weight, gained self-confidence, and they have helped changed perceptions of homelessness. 

By helping to fund my cause you help this great group of people get access to running gear and entry to races (which can cost a nice shiny penny if you may not know). So please take a moment to consider a small donation of any amount or if you can not donate I ask to PLEASE SHARE! It will truly help one person be able to join a community of running together to change perceptions and change lives.


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M. Vitali

M. Vitali


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