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Dan Steer's Fundraiser:

Stay WireLess Radiation Healthy - Why Risk It.

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here is rough draft of Our suggestion Fund Raising with our Free Product to Donaters on a 80% to Charity Foundation with Only a 20% cost to Charity for our product fully packaged and self stamped in Envelopes.

Further to our Interest in what we offer as suggested, we would fully supply the Foundations to mail out to their Member list in a sealed Prestamped # (9) Nine Envelope including as follows inside this envelope:

3 Pak of the SafeCellTabs Total (3) Three Pieces of 1 Pak SafeCellTab.
Colored Brochure (4) Four Page up to one to two Languages, explaining What is the Safe Cell Tab? , How it Works , What does it do?
Plus instructions to Attach, Plus a Re-Order Form for friends or further Donations. Suggested Retail Value is $ 120.00 for the Family 3 Pak.

Return address Top left hand corner of envelope ; Charitable Organization and its Address.

Charitable mailing list's addressed , Pre Peeled Labels from Avery System 1" x 2-5/8" # 5160 - (30) Thirty to a Template page, would be used, from their Members mailing list and they mail out to protect their members names, So no third party selling can be done , Period?

For every $ 50.00 Donation, Member would receive free SafeCellTab Promotional Envelope of (3) Three SafeCellTabs.

This means every $ 1,000,000.00 ( One Million) dollars donated, 20,000 Mail pieces available from us at, with you receiving $ 800,000.00 ( Eight hundred Thousand ) and $ 200,000 to us , giving the donators 100% Tax Write Off, if needed?

The attachments are just to give you a idea of what we are purposing, We would redesign the Brochure, and Packaging to show The Chartible Organizations Name, with them signing off any changes in doing this for cause .

As you order each 2,000 @ $ 10.00 each Total $ 20,000.00 or more pieces we would Pack them in Envelope Boxes of (250) Two Hundred Fifty pieces in each Box ( Eight boxes @ 250 each = 2,000 pcs ), for them to apply their members mailing list or any others they desire to mail out to for Donations to be made.

It has always been my Dream as Inventor, to make sure that every Man, Women, and Child, should receive one of my SafeCellTabs Free to protect them from Radiation which is at Maximum, and especially with the number one disease today being Cancer Worldwide, and that 1/3rd of our Children are dying from it these days.

Lets hope you like what we want to do , so look forward to hearing from you further on this matter.

Should you have any questions, please contact us or look at our Newest Agent/Distributor in Las Vegas Nevada or or our biggest Site from the World's leading Radiation Scientist's ( which we provide Free, since 2002, to the Internet Users )

We want our Children Healthy and Radiation protected using our NASA proven and Independently tested Radiation Absorption Product.

You will see on this site over 1.8 million Reports form USA Today, New York Times, London Times, and major Newspapers around the World, current daily updates posted automatically from world's leading Newspapers.

Thanks for reading this , just a rough quick layout, and we look forward to hearing from you at your convience.

Dan J Steer. Inventor of SafeCellTabs since 199o's.



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