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Danny Is Under One Sky




My name is Danny Sadaj and I am 14 years old. I attend JHS Edward Bleeker 185 in Flushing Queens and I am currently about to finish 8th grade. I am looking forward to starting High School in September but, a little sad at the same time as I will be way from my friends. I like my school and I am good student. My favorite subjects are Math and Science but like many kids of my generation I love video games. I have been involved in many after school activities such as Digital Media, Robotics, Pottery and the Chess Club. Also, I have played Football, Basketball and Volleyball but my favorites are Soccer and Fencing. I also get together with my friends sometime on the weekends to do outdoor activities like biking or play sports.

On the summer I get to do more outdoors activities as I have more free time. Trailblazers sleep way camp is one of my favorite times of the year. I get to learn about nature, surviving skills and make new friends. Trailblazers offers many opportunities that we can take and teaches us how to care for our environment which most of us choose not to. Camp is a place were I can feel at home because we care for each other, our camp and our surroundings. It teaches us to be independent and appreciate nature. It will be my second summer to attend Trailblazer Camp and can't wait for that time to come again. It is because of the great experience I had at camp last time that increased my interest in saving our environment even more. That is the reason I am interested in the under One Sky Program is because we cane be part on taking care of our planet. We only have one so we should treat it well, otherwise it would be harder for our next generations to live in a polluted environment and will effect us all greatly one day. I would love to be part of the Under One Sky Program as it would give me a chance to participate in cleaning up New York and New Jersey. We all have to start somewhere and I thank Trailblazers for introducing me to this program.

Our world needs to be treated with care because without earth we would have no home.

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