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Designed by fashion students at O’More College of Design and sold under fair-trade regulations by women living in extreme poverty in Ti-Bouk, Haiti, aDARable is 'clothing that tells a new story'. Inspired by sustainability and design, we are paving a new way in the world of fashion. Because Nashville fashion students design our line, we have placed a significant amount of importance on the elements of design. Extensive trend research, studying the market, and innovative designs are among our areas of focus. Even if our motive is admirable, it means nothing without a desired product. On the complete opposite side of the coin, we believe in sustainability. Haiti is a country that has received a lot of handouts and not many hands up. It is among our highest priority that we are able to provide lasting jobs for our seamstresses. They deserve the opportunity to be able to give their families what they need: education, healthcare, and nutrition. We are completely humbled by their beauty, their laughter and their joy. Their spirit inspires us and is why we strive to be one of the best children’s lines in Nashville.

We are not the only fair-trade children’s clothing company that exists. However, WeAreDAR is the first to incorporate O’More design students into the process. I cannot stress the significance of this partnership. Not only does it benefit WeAreDAR as a nonprofit, but it is also a tremendous experience for the students. This is a unique class at O’More that offers a look into life after graduation. The students experience the woes of designing in a team, learning the children’s market, and presenting to industry professionals.

• Plan Implementation Strategies

All of the design takes place in a class offered in the spring and fall at O’More College of Design called 'Design for a Cause'. In this class, students are led in product development by Annette Medcalf. Through her wide-ranging career in fashion design, she is well versed both in design and production. The students research the market, identify trends, create designs, establish a color palette, and choose fabrics. They are responsible for the pattern making, muslin mock-ups, and sew the original sample line. In the Spring semester, the designers have the opportunity to work with models and put the collection down the Eloise runway produced annually by O’More. The collection will then be prepared for production and all the necessary components will be purchased. The pieces are cut here in Nashville and sent to Haiti to be manufactured by our seamstresses.

• Financial Projections

We are different in that we are a non-profit.  We have been blessed to have the support of donors to get started but we now need your support in getting our first year’s collection and our women working towards economic stability. 

Below is a breakdown of funds allocated for our first year of production.  We all currently work full time in other industries, therefore 100% goes back into our mission of empowering communities in extreme need by creating jobs, which with time is the true solution to ending poverty.  As you can see, we have a significant financial need to keep the aDARable line in production. Locally, the funds will directly affect design students at O’More College of Design who have offered this incomparable class through its partnership with WeAreDAR. Globally, the funds will affect women in Haiti who not only have the opportunity to have a job, but will also reap the benefits of a fair paycheck, perhaps for the first time in their lives. Hopefully, this will cause a ripple effect that has the power to change the lives of their families as well as their community.     

Allocation of Funds


1 woman x $7/day x 5 days x 4 weeks $140.00/x 10 women $1400.00

1 Project Manager Edourd Jovenel - Oversees women $420.00

1 Funds Manager Marc-Endy Santil - Oversees finances $100.00

1 Production Consultant Crista Hooven - Oversees production of line $2,700.00

Fuel Generator fuel x $60/day x 5 days x$300/week $1,200.00

Security $20/weeksx4weeks $80.00

Misc. provide clean, Culligan, water for workers, fans, importing and transporting all materials, fabrics, taxes, sheet metal to repair holes in roofing, maintenance of machinery in Haiti. $500

Total Monthly: $6,400.00

• Summary

DAR, simply put, is to give. In today’s connected world, we are all part of a global network, moving forward into a more unified and prosperous future. WeAreDAR has been organized to educate and empower the women living and working in countries of extreme need. Our mission is to install the tools necessary to strengthen communities, as well as enhance the integrity of the women working within them. We are all part of the same system. We can all change lives. We Are all DAR.

Fundraising Campaigns