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26.2 miles for my 28th

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It's January 23, 2011 and the scale reads 237.8 lbs. Instead of exercising I spend my time working on theatre projects and watching hulu. It's time to change that. I want to dedicate the next 6 months to accomplishing something that seems impossible and hopefully raise $2,000 to support an important charity.

THE NATIONAL KIDNEY FOUNDATION (Utah & Idaho) - This is the charity I've decided to do a little fundraising for. My dad was diagnosed with a kidney disease something like 18 years ago. Doctors said his kidneys would fail in 5-15 years. Thankfully his life has been blessed. My guess is it's because he was diagnosed pretty early, plus my mom and he have worked really hard these past couple years to live healthier and get/stay fit.

ABOUT ME - Technically, by all medical statistics I'm considered obese. Several of my extended family has been diagnosed with diabetes. My cholesterol is a little high. I figure since 2004 I gained 10 lbs each year until December 2009 when I decided to join Weight Watchers.

Well last year I lost 10 lbs. I know I certainly could have lost more, but I'm proud of that 10 lbs and every day I'm worried that I'm going to let myself gain it back. My 28th birthday is coming up on July 31st and I have a goal of being under 200 lbs by then.

I've always hated running. In elementary school through high school just the thought of the mile run would have be clutching my side in pain. If I run up a flight of stairs too fast I'm winded. Don't get me wrong, I'm strong. I love hiking and being outdoors, but running for more than a block or too hasn't worked out for me for a long time.

Last year I ran a few 5k races. It amazes me that I was able to accomplish that. Yes, I was exhausted. Yes, I had to walk a few times throughout. But I accomplished a 5k and it felt so great. I want to feel great again.

I've got some pretty big goals I want to accomplish and it often feels as though they're impossible. I really feel like in order to maintain hope I need to accomplish something really hard, something that seems pretty impossible right now. That's where the marathon comes in.

I'm turning 28 on July 31, 2011. I'm going to run the San Francisco Marathon.

(I know it's a Sunday, but I feel God supports me on this goal.)


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