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Dave Stelmack

Dave Stelmack
Waterloo, ON Canada
Stuff About Me:

Im Dave!  I live to give, and I give to recieve!  Just like self serving posessive obsessive body-image-issue-have-not-ing bastard out there does!  Like... Really though... I'm just a dude that is sick of feeding the beast and really doesn't feel good about spending one more day, not one more hour, not one more SECOND of my precious life working towards the fulfillment of somebody elses goals and ambitions instead of working towards my own!  Like really, what was I thinking all this time?!  What are YOU thinking right now????  Bottom line is, nothing more precious than TIME... Nothing more valuable!  I'd rather spend my time doing what I want and be homeless than spend the majority of my time and energy doing what someone else wants! 

I remember the last job I was laid off from... After about a month, I had gone through the little savings I had managed to build up, and I realized I was back at the same point I was a year ago when I had first started that job... Except now I had a year less of my life!  What the hell!  I figured, hey, if I was a bum that whole time, I'd have ended up with the exact same outcome!  nowhere further ahead or behind...But I woulda lived a year of my own life, having my own experiences, exploring whatever possible adventures I felt like! (on the cheap dog, reaeeeeal cheap..)


So thats what I'm doing now.  Whatever the hell I feel like.  That's what got me on this mission!  This is where my curiousity lead me!  Capacitor technology!  Chemistry! Nano material technology!  Seems I'm quite the nerd... more power to me, right?


There ya go.  That's pretty much it!  Well, far from IT... but thats all I'd like to disclose for the moment.  If you have any questions for me, or about this current project, or any of my other projects, please feel free to drop me a line!  I'd love to fill you in!

Dave Stelmack

Localbroadcast at homtail dot coooooom.... hope you can decode that and if you cant ur a dim witted nobody that I don't wish to correspond with anyhow!  peace out naggers!




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