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David Roberts' Fundraiser:

David & Caroline's Charity Wedding Registry

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EVENT DATE: Aug 08, 2016


Hi there! My name is Caroline and I'm here to help raise money for me and my husbands wedding this summer. I say my husband because we are techncially already married, having gone through the court system first, and taking our time to save up money to have a nice wedding later on. Sometimes, love just can't wait on money! But now, money is our main problem.

We aren't looking for some 7500$ venue and an over priced, over done weding, but hope for something smaller and more personal. Despite that, two young adults living on their own can't really raise the money needed even for a smaller wedding, which is why I turned to Crowdrise! Our goal will be enough to at least put a dent in the wedding cost, and will most likely be put towards the catering and/or venue once we decide upon those.

We're hoping to raise the money in the next few months, since we plan to have our wedding August 8th, about 4 months from the time of me starting this campaign. It would mean so much to us both to have people support our Big Day, and we would be so super thankful to anyone who could donate even a few dollars towards our cause! 

Thank you so much for cheking out our page, and I hope you have a great day!



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David is working on selecting a charity so you can support David & Caroline's Charity Wedding Registry.

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