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Davonna Wilson

Davonna Wilson
North Platte, NE United States
Stuff About Me:

Hi my name is Davonna,  i was born in Lake Tahoe California, I have had a very rough childhood where my mom had no support to get through her trails in life, but thats another long story. I left California young,  in love and homeless looking for a place to start new and bold a better more health lifestyle,  that dream was over the years destroyed by my partner who was not ready to grow up,  worst yet I unknowingly allowed him to abuse me over the years and it didn't become obvious until after I had my two beautiful boys, he became increasingly violent over the years until I finally realized he wasn't trying to get better,  I finally had no choice to leave him and put my trust my trust in a system I couldn't trust with my life let alone my boys and I, when I got to the shelter I was afraid alone with my two boys thinking the worst,  even though I was the victim and showing I wanted to do what was best for my boys I was still afraid.  I kept telling my self this is just in my head they aren't out to get me and take my boys,  but then little did I know my fears were dead on,  after a little while of being there I started to feel a tad bit les afraid,  but that was the worst thing thinking that they we're there to help me,  after all that's what they are there for right.  Well one of the advocates there at the shelter lied to CPS and told them I was hearing voices and responding to them,  so I open a voluntary case with them to prove her wrong, started drug testing which I was scared to do but I had to prove that I was willing to do anything,  thankfully I'd already quit the drugs and had no intention of going back to that nasty drug I couldn't seem to keep my ex from even after  getting us to the point to where we were 7 years clean or at least I was little did I know he found his ways,  I couldn't be more happy to be meth free.  Anyway a woman with her two kids move in and her children were teaching my boys about sex,  when I found out about it I addressed the mother about it and she scoffed me off and refused to come to a safe plan for us both.  So I told the advocates about it,  and they told me to just keep away and don't do anything about it,  I refused to let that happen so I filed a police report on her and told them what happened told them not to send over an officer to take down the report or they would kick me out,  but they did.  And then my boys and I we're even more homeless bouncing from hotel to hotel,  until finally they said funds were tight so they took me and my boys to a homeless  shelter where I was being told they had no room,  they we're gonna take my boys and leave me sleeping in the snow,  but by the Grace of God we got in and that didn't work in their favor I suppose they were pretending to help me the entire time,  they were telling me there was nothing they can do because I had an eviction notice and I had a time limit of a few months to get into a place or they would half to send me away even if I couldn't find a place, I had to begg my case worker to take me to housing authority and begg them to give me a chance and again by the grace of God my prayers were answerd because they gave me a chance to show them it wasn't me that caused the eviction and I care more about my bills and my boys then anything else,  the entire time or two and a half years now three or so I stayed sex and relationship free and just focused on my kids and I the best I can while being so mentality exhausted it was like going in and out of a coma, so I begg my mom to come out here and live with me but she was scared to make that big of a move so we prayed and prayed and pleaded to God,  and again by the Grace of God he answerd so my mom finally arrived and then it was a race against time to get into a place because we didn't want to give up our pets,  and finally found a place then unfortunately with the stress of the move with working full time during the move my mom wasn't paying attention to how the belt was held,  which we were not about beating the children it was more of a last resort for a child who didnt want to listen and didn't have better tools learned for our ideal kind of parenting and discipline we wanted to eliminate all primitive physical forms of discipline,  my mom admitted to using the belt and agreed to do what ever needed so that we can achieve our goal which they were acting like we never had any intentions of correcting this our self,  I started a voluntary case with them to prove this,  we were doing everything they required to the best of our ability and then a month or so after my son gets teamed up on and attacked at school or daycare and then the next day before we could address it they snatched my boys from daycare and told them that I forgot to pick them up I think my son said. Every thing from that moment on was a complete shock,  there idea of an investigation was to come in to my home and accused us of first mind you that the time they accused us of not noticing the bruses that we said to have been their for 3 days but afterwards I called to verify with the school and daycare that it was their only Thursday which matched up with what I and my room mate and mother said we only noticed it on Thursday and they took him on Friday.  They are putting lies in their report,  puting words into my. Child's mouth or completely misconstrued it all,  all I know is that he didn't get attacked at my home or by my mother and if they did actual csi work then they would find out where who and how.  Please help me, they are dividing and concurring my family to get my boys taken.  I need help.  Anything helps.  Either an attorney and detective  to take my case probono or to get help with funds to pay for one.  Thank you in advance I'm praying the best for everyone who can or are in able to help.  GOD BLESS YOU.  JOIN MY FIGHT AGAINS THIS EVIL ACTIONS FROM THE SYSTEM.  



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