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CROWDRISE : May 15, 2014
Tax ID: 76-0507052
BASED: Houston, TX, United States



Help Us Broadcast Better

Dawn Mountain needs new cameras, audio equipment and a broadcasting hub in order to preserve and share the teachings of our venerable founders Anne and Harvey and visiting teachers from Asia such as Tenzin Samphel. We have been surviving on inadequate, unreliable equipment patched together by the Herculean efforts of Gary, one amazing volunteer. With new equipment we will be able to train and deploy many more volunteers and to capture teachings that happen outside of Dawn Mountain, such as when one of our founders travels to California or New York. All of the precious teachings will eventually be available to you and safely preserved for future generations. Help us take advantage of this wonderful technology for the benefit of all beings! THIS JUST IN: A kind and generous angel has just made a thrilling challenge grant to Dawn Mountain in support of better broadcasting. She has given $9,000 - taking us to 35% of our total goal. Give now to validate this angel's investment and speed us on our mission of making the teachings at Dawn Mountain available at the highest possible quality to students far and wide.

The mission of Dawn Mountain is to nurture the spiritual growth of our diverse community as a living bridge between traditional Tibetan Buddhist teachings and curious people everywhere.

We strive:  to inspire all seekers to develop skills for living, including mindfulness and compassion; to instruct new and advanced students in the contemplative, artistic and healing practices of Tibetan Buddhism in collaboration with Western and Asian teachers; and to support lliving Buddhist culture in Asia.

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Tax ID: 76-0507052 •


Meditation Station

Meditation Station

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1% Raised of $20,000 Goal