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CROWDRISE : May 17, 2015
Tax ID: 47-2121079
BASED: Fullerton, CA, United States


$5,000 Goal

Free Concerts Citywide in Fullerton on June 21st. Sounds Incredible. But we need your support!

Support Our Cause


Yes! Free Concerts. But We NEED Your Help.


Day of Music Fullerton is free and open to the public. As we approach its inaugural year, all the costs associated with producing this awesome, free music festival is currently funded by our benevolent organizers and but a few sponsors. 

There are 3 huge open spaces that are in need of special funding: 


Hillcrest Park - Focusing on music associated with Burger Records

Independence Park - Focusing on music associated with Programme Skate/Sound

FullertonMuseum Plaza - Focusing on music of the Americana/Folk genre


We actually need over $10,000 just to get the festival off the ground. This will pay for city special permits, printing costs, police enforcement, trash management and other incidentals. We already have almost half the amount raised, so we're counting on you for the remaining $5,000 or more. Help us produce YOUR festival by giving a donation now.


$10, $25, $50? Any amount is appreciated.


Other Ways You Can Help


Just because you can't afford to contribute doesn't mean that you can't help!

- Click the Creat a Fundraiser button below and become part of our awesome fundraising team.

- Help us get the word out and make some noise about our campaign. 

- Volunteer at the festival! Day of Music Fullerton wouldn't be able to operate without our amazing volunteers.

Interested in Sponsoring the festival? Email us at or visit for more information!

Tax ID: 47-2121079 •


Day of Music Fullerton 2015

Day of Music Fullerton 2015

Amount Raised:



20% Raised of $5,000 Goal