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DearTomorrow 2017 Fund

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BENEFITING: United Charitable

ORGANIZER: Trisha Shrum

Gwyneth Dobson


Trisha Shrum Jill Kubit wrote -

DearTomorrow is working to change the conversation on climate change. We are building a community where people share letters, photos and videos to their children, family or future self about their promise to take action on climate change. All messages are shared on social media in order to open up a conversation about why we need act on climate change. We are archiving these messages for intended recipients in the year 2050, thus preserving a diverse chorus of voices during this historic moment in the fight for a safe climate.

We are a start-up project that has recently been featured in, AJ+, TEDNYC, Climate Central and We were also recently honored with the top honor (of 93 proposals) for shifting climate culture in the 2016 MIT Climate CoLab contest.

Our goal for 2017 is to raise a minimum of $200,000 from crowdfunding, individual donors and foundations. Our crowdfunding goal is $50,000.  Funds raised for 2017 will allow us to hire a Director and Program Manager to build and scale our project.

Our goal over the next 5 years is to generate and share 10,000 messages and reach 20 million people with personal, hopeful, inspirational messages about climate action.

Donation Levels:

Grassroots ($25+): Social media shoutout!
Supporter ($100): You will be listed as a Supporter as we launch our updated website during fundraising campaign.
Sponsor ($200): Recognition as Sponsor for 2017. Plus DearTomorrow tote bag or kids "a promise for my future" t-shirt for all levels 250+.
Benefactor ($1000): Recognition as Benefactor on website for 2017.
Founding Investor ($5000): Recognition as Founding Investor on website and the long-term archive, special updates about the project.
Founding Angel Investor ($10,000): Recognition as Founding Angel Investor on website and the long-term archive, special updates about the project.

For all donations, especially larger donations, there is an option to donate by check or wire transfer to avoid the additional fees. For more information, please contact

This is consciously not a fundraiser filled with giveaways. We want to be able to use your money as wisely as possible to bring in more participants and reach more people with our message.  Also, our project is about reducing environmental and climate impact, so we want to keep extra stuff out of landfills. You won't get a bunch of stuff for donating, but we will thank you a lot and send you good karma!

If you want to proudly display a deartomorrow sticker on your laptop or notebook to help spread the word, email and she will send one to any donor at any level.

The Team: $36,177 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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Trisha Shrum Jill Kubit

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50% Raised of$50,000 Goal

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HKS Mid-Careers Class of 2015

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72% Raised of$7,000 Goal

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FES Alumni

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52% Raised of$7,000 Goal

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Joy and Joe Kubit

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107% Raised of$1,500 Goal

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Grinia Bradwell

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48% Raised of$2,000 Goal

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