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To not be concerned about Alzheimers' is not knowing Alzheimers'

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Unlike other diseases with quick deterioration, Alzheimers' is a disease that slowly kills but exponentially deteriorates one's mental state until they no longer have the ability to communicate with even their closest family members. The fact that they eventually forget them like everyone else seems to forget about the Alzheimers' victim who has no control over their diminishing capabilities in coherence, understanding and comprehension. Yet they usually end up being forgotten about and written off as already dead because they "became this completely different negative person". I don't know how people can get off using those excuses and being so selfish. I've been the primary caregiver of my 58 year old mother for 5 years since I took a break from college after learning that my dad was about to put her in a nursing home. There was no way I was about to allow that to happen after being raised by this sweet angel who never(seriously)thought what was best for her in any situation. She was the definition of selfless. Her life prior to AD was that of a person who was ecstatic about living for others, especially when it came her love of bettering the lives of those less fortunate. She first decided to be a teacher of the deaf at age 19 without ever having known any deaf people who may have had an influence on her choice of career. 10 years later she decided to move on to a group of people she thought deserved more respect, appreciation, and guidance in life. Special Ed was her life from there on until she was forced to retire because of this horrid disease called Alzheimers'. You should have seen those kids with my mother. They loved her. She was every kid there's best friend and leader who they knew truly cared about them and believed in their ability to achieve great things regardless of their handicaps. Whenever a special ed student at the high school had a rough day and lost their cool, my mom would be called over to put a smile back on their faces. Anyways, for all of those reasons and millions more that would take me hours to type and surely no one would continue to read if they've even made it this far....those reasons made my decision to leave college when I knew my mom pre-Alzheimer's would have forced me to go and to not pause my life for her. She would have told me not to worry about her. But after all she's done for me along with my brothers and all the lives she touched and brightened, there was no way I was about to allow her to be sent to a nursing home and more or less abandoned little by little as she forgets more and more from the consecutive days of not seeing us to remember who we were for too long. This is the way it typically plays out according to all the books I could find on Alzheimers'. If you think you know what depression is, try living with Alzheimers'. I've never seen people so down, frightened, helpless, and who feel they have no value to anyone. It's the saddest thing you'll ever see. I couldn't be happier with my decision to care for my mother. It's the least I could do. This disease must be stopped. Every minute gone by this disease is being found in more and more helpless victims. Help me fight this horribly devastating life-robbing disease before its too late. You have no idea how important your prompt decision to help truly is. While we're considering helping out or donating and the inconvenience of it think about how "fun-filled" of a day those Alzheimers' patients are having all alone in a house of complete strangers with no clue where there family is or if they'll ever see them again, since they probably don't even believe that their family is really their family when they do stop by to visit. Your all alone locked in a place with people ordering you around with not a single friend or familiar face ever passing by.



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