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Deborah Joey

Deborah Joey
kayenta, AZ United States
Stuff About Me:

Hello my name is Deborah I am a proud single mother of a 5 yr old we live out on the navajo reservation trying to make it out here. I live about 70 to 80 mi from the closest town where we could do some descent grocery shopping or buying any descent prices on clothes for my son. I on the other hand get by with free t shirts from work or donations from relatives and co-workers. I am not asking for myself but mainly for my son to raise money so we could get groceries and clothes for him for the next school year. I did not know exactly how much to ask for so I am asking for $5,000. To us that is a lot of money I work as a bus driver out here but I do not bring in enough money for the two of us I struggle through the year and have to try and find ways to make money by selling at the local flea market or pawn jewerly that I have even try to babysit but usually single parents like myself we can't afford babysitters so I don't make much inthat department at times. We travel by foot mainly to local grocery store which is 2 mi away but with cost of living shopping there is impossible at times because price is so high on food at times. I know it seems that I am not struggling much but when you bring in $400 a paycheck and have to pay utilities, babysitters, groceries and fuel for people when they take us to town to grocery shopping $400 is not even close to what we need. I am sure I could find another job but here we have a home to stay in because the school provides housing for employees and not many places out here do and without a vehicle it is hard to move to a better school for my son right now this school is rated a D school and with my son going into kindergarten it will be a struggle for him in the future. so maybe $5000 is not enough maybe $20,000 is more at what I am looking at so we could get a better home a vehicle and maybe enough groceries to last until I can get a paycheck.I would just to get a chance to get some help for us and that maybe we can grow better in the educational field I know that with my associate's degree I was seeking a higher education for better pay but then there was the tuition that I am stuck paying for and that is also the other reason I have no money because more education means more money out of my pockets which I do not even have. Yes I have also applied for foodstamps and WIC but we only received $16 for foodstamps and WIC with my son's age we were not qualified for. So I am here asking for help and a little understanding as a single parent with a child please help us thank you very much. 



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