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To achieve your goal, first you have to start walking

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1. About project.

1.1. What are we?

„Decompression Dive Centre”” is our project dealing with training in diving and diving trips all over the world. Love for diving is the reason for the activity, also it’s how our dream come true. We’re expanding on it to implement the projects which are valueable for us and can influence the society.

1.2. What makes us different?

We are distinguished by an innovative approach to the subject, which is commonly known. We move unconventional issues that we want to achieve through hard work. We pay attention to environmental problems and try to show them to a wide audience.

1.3. What else do we do?

In addition to organizing training dive trips we deal with creating trips in different parts of the world in which we show underwater flora and fauna. We show young people "our underwater world," and if they’re into it, we provide them with permanent cooperation in which they gain experience and valuable skills. In our vision everyone who wants to achieve something in diving can do this. We’re constantly trying to help these people by creating the possibility of start - to gain experience under our wings.

2. Why we need help and what are our goals?

Unfortunately we’re not able to fully implement our plans for financial reasons. It’s not feasible for us to achieve the targets in less than 10 years which is incredible slowdown. Now we are ambitious, we love it and want to devote our time working at it . We believe that this is the perfect time to show many environmental aspects of diving, breaking many taboos. Now is the time for action!

Scuba diving is not a cheap passion, therefore, despite the sincere interest and inserted commitment young people from less wealthy homes are not able to be part of this group. To make this possible we conduct pro-social events and train talented youth. However we do need help to realize our vision.

This is not the only project that we wish to achieve!

We help others, but we don’t want to stand still. We want a fixed location, in which finally we will be able to expand our business. Building a base for our dive center, by make every effort and hard work we will strive to fund two main dive projects.

First is the penetration of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to record and show the problem to the public, and also it will be possible to discover new species that have arisen in this unique ecosystem.

Our second goal is to finance the preparations to beat the world record in deep diving and attempt to execute it. The aim is to break the the limits and the exploration of the human body.

3. What exactly money will go for?

We care to finance an expedition to the "Junk Island" and purchase equipment to film it and collect samples. To achieve it we need 50.000$.

We need another 40.000$ to buy technical equipment, which is necessary to beat the deep diving record. And also to organize training trips where our participant will prepare to main goal.

Rest of donations will be spend on renting and equipping the local in which we’ll prepare and organize our expeditions. It’ll also be a place where we’ll make entry into diving world for young and ambitious people possible.

4. History of our activity and about us.

Two children with their parents went on a trip to Egypt. It turned out that this trip changed their lives – they seen underwater world of diving and wished to stay in there. Thus was born their passion – love for diving. The result of this love is the Decompression project. Young, stubborn and ambitious went through many obstacles to reach their goal. In the pursuit of a dream they want to infect others with their passion and show them beautiful underwater world. Two youngsters want to educate people in the subject of environmental threats of “their world”. Also they are constantly trying to change something that future generations will also be able to see it.

Project creators:

Adam Pszczyński – Project founder and main initiator of Decompression. His diving adventure have started when he was 9 and continues today. He’s the youngest diving instructor all over the world in PADI history.

Arnold Kraska – Marketing, Management and IT specialist. Participant in Decompression project since it has started.



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