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"DEFEND OTTO" - Proceeds to go to Otto of Otto Cake Bakery, who will use proceeds to install web cams inside and outside of the Otto Cake bakery where he has experienced a large and growing number of illicit drug deals. He has been strangled, punched, and regularly has his life threatened as he has become the vigilant business owner who instead of looking the other way, looked right their way, and told them to stop, called the cops, and photographed the transactions.

Despite a media frenzy over the issue, like most news, the story faded and Otto is still there, and so are the junkies and drug dealers. Otto just told me this morning of how he got off the bus he rides to come to work, and saw a man at the bus stop looking at him. Anyone who knows Otto will know he greets you with an "Aloha" which he also said to the man staring at him. The reply from the man was "I hope someone puts a gun to your head and pulls the trigger." Otto told me that he didn't think it was a very nice way to start his day, but he said it with a smile cause its starting to become a normal thing for him.

Police have begun parking their cars on Smith street near his shop which was requested of them by the neighborhood board, and officer Richard Fikani who heads the community police effort. The deals still go down, but now in the shadows of the white and blue Crown-Victoria squad cars.

We have really run out of ideas down here, so hopefully installing some cameras facing the street will deter the activities from happening in this area which is in such close proximation to many small businesses, restaurants, and a park where children play. We hope to have the cameras online so that anyone can view them at anytime and maybe get a glimpse of the blatant crime occurring in broad daylight on Smith street.



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Rube is working on selecting a charity so you can support Defend Otto.