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CROWDRISE : Feb 03, 2015
Tax ID: 51-0329119
BASED: Wilmington, DE, United States


Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure equitable treatment and equal access to credit and capital through advocacy, education, legislation, and outreach.

Founded in 1987, to advocate for equal access to credit, we continue in pursuit of economic dignity for all.

One unique service we offer is our low income tax clinic. Not only are we the only ones in Delaware to provide access to representation before the IRS and the tax court, we also have a Spanish speaking clinic director to assist our growing Latino community statewide. All our services revolve around helping our clients deal with a creditor. When Uncle Sam is your debt collector, it is a little daunting. 

With support from many of our financial partners, we operate a community credit union. It is not to say that we no longer comment on bank mergers. Bank merger hearings give us an audience we seldom have: CEOs of the merging banks, bank regulators, and the media. These hearings allow us to push public policy in the right direction AND to raise concerns with the merging banks' practices that are injurious to the health of our community. At the other end of the spectrum, we work with our banking and community partners to bridge gaps in products and services.

In this housing crisis, we are doing more than bridging gaps. We, like our nonprofit housing counselors, are attempting to fix the mess that our regulators and financial systems have left behind. While we don't let the homeowners off too easily, but could a little old lady on the east side of Wilmington who bought a home cause the entire financial system to collapse? This kind of power comes from a deep rooted understanding of money. So, it should come as no surprise that since 1995, we have worked very diligently to inform and educate Delawareans about the importance of credit scores. Our Borrow $mart program coupled with financial coaching helps Delawareans build their credit scores. We have also been the staunchest advocates for credit score reform. We testified at hearings on the use of credit scores in auto and home owners insurance. Our Borrow $mart classes are offered on the first three Saturdays at our Wilmington office from 10 am to 1 pm. Prospective students don't have to register--just show up on the first Saturday at 10 am.

Tax ID: 51-0329119 •




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