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So Hey everyone, just a shor…
Hey everyone, just a short note to let you know I DID IT!!! And it was AWESOME! I loved it.
I went out slow - possibly a bit too slow, as I was paranoid about going too fast and suffering later. But it meant I was comfortable for the whole run, and there wasn't really a point where I thought OMG I can't go on or anything.

I really just tried to enjoy all of it and take it all in as much as I could.... There was so much music and different bands and all the different neighbourhoods to take in. I ran pretty close to the crowd the whole time so I high-5ed/slapped as many hands as I could and got lots of support from random people in the crowd yelling go moz, you got this moz. It was soo much fun.

Once I hit 35km (the length of my longest training run) I thought to myself .... Lets bring this home, as I still felt good and like I had some fuel in the tank, so I picked up the pace and felt like I finished strong and gunned it home.

Overall my time was a little slower than I had hoped - 5hr and 5 mins - but I was able to run the whole way (although i did have to stop for the loo) and I loved every second of it. I also managed to beat Pamela Anderson.

Once I crossed the finish line and stopped running, my legs immediately started hurting, but they seem fine today (2 days later). I got my medal and hugged the lady who gave it to me, then burst into tears. It's been quite a journey in the last 3 years..... So stoked that I did it, and that I am healthy.... I would like to think this means I have definitely put BC behind me.

Thank you all soooo much for your support. It has been sooooo lovely that everyone has been so excited for me. I also managed to raise $5271 for pancreatic cancer research, - your generosity has overwhelmed me, thank you.

Am now enjoying New York and looking forward to meeting Stu and Lucy in Hawaaii for 2 weeks from Thursday. Can't wait.

Thanks again for all over your donations, support and congratulations - it's been amazing!

Love Maureen/Moz

Ps.- for those of you who have asked, Mel did it in 4hrs 28- awesome effort! I'm sooo impressed as she only decided to do this after I bullied her into it! Amazing!
5 years ago
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deleted SAYS:
Hi Karlee Just a quick not t…
Hi Karlee
Just a quick not to say thank you for your very generous donation. I'm so sorry to hear that your Dad died from Pancreatic Cancer. You know only too well how horrible it is...

Thank you also for your kind words. I'm not very comfortable with being called inspirational/amazing, or drawing attention to what I have been through....In terms of my own treatment I feel like I just did what I had to do, and "run a marathon" has been on my to-do list for a while, so this is just an opportunity to cross it off, and go shopping in New York!

It should be amazing though, so ultimately I do feel very lucky to have the chance to do it, while making a difference.

Anyway, thanks again for your donation

Take care
Love moz xx
5 years ago
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Margaret River, WA Australia
Stuff About Me:

I'm running the New York City Marathon to celebrate my health, to be an example for my daughter Lucy, but mostly to raise funds for research into Pancreatic Cancer & to honour of my friend Janet...


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