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CROWDRISE : Oct 31, 2013
Tax ID: 27-0812635
BASED: Portland, OR, United States


IDEA's Vision is Simple

IDEA envisions a world where all young people are engaged in learning that nourishes vibrant democratic communities.

The way IDEA contributes to that vision is dynamic and multi-pronged. Instead of promoting a “one-size-fits-all” approach to educational change, IDEA actively works to transform the U.S. educational system in ways that honor, rather than wash away, the complexities of different communities.


The major opportunity IDEA sees is the emerging story of reclaiming the “public” in public education through relationships, values, and vision. Launched in 2010, IDEA's founding vision was to create an organization that could redefine and frame democratic education and direct an outward message to the general public that could support widespread change in how students are engaged in learning across the United States. The thinking was that the best way to effect change was to: 1) frame a new narrative, 2) build a powerful network, and 3) catalyze action. The intention was to build a narrative that could bridge conversations around student voice, social justice, education for sustainability, systems-thinking, place-based education, and social and emotional learning. The strategy was to work with organizers and educators in existing networks and organizations a few hours each week to listen, begin making critical connections, and showcase the bright spots - the places where meaningful learning was happening.


Three years of relationship building with like-minded organizations and change leaders throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico has substantially increased IDEA’s ability to generate and spread a powerful narrative. We’ve grown in impact, size, understanding, and maturity. Today, IDEA is contributing to a vision of the world where all young people are engaged in learning that nourishes vibrant democratic communities.

Tax ID: 27-0812635 •


An IDEA Worth Celebrating

An IDEA Worth Celebrating

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47% Raised of $40,000 Goal

Democracy in Education is not a Spectator Sport

Democracy in Education is no…

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54% Raised of $65,000 Goal