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Dena Kotka-Holtz

Dena Kotka-Holtz
Wellington, CO United States
Stuff About Me:

     I am 53 years old and I am an artist. This photo is a piece I made from my alpacas fleece by felting techniques. No alpaca was hurt in the process. I love my alpacas.

    Yes, I do believe in aliens and have decided to begin writing a book about it, just now. Ha! Because, in writing this Bio, I realized, I have to much to say on the topic. And I am sure your not interested in reading that just yet.

     I have had many experiences in my growing up years that I did not understand and actually feared. But, it was not until 1987 or 1988 that I had a really strange experience that turned my whole world upside down. I had my son with me and was in transition, so we were living in a motel. I was planning on saving money to get us an apartment. I had just moved from the mountains to the city because my son was having seizures and I wanted to be closer to the hospital.  I don't remember how long we were there before the experience but, within two weeks of this strange experience, I quit my job and took off to Florida from Colorado in anxiety and fear. I left everything behind, a whole storage unit full of my things and I gave away everything that I had in my place to neighbors. Florida did not turn out as I planned and so we ended up in Nevada. I thought I was losing my mind, in Nevada I turned to the mental facility trying to figure out what happened. I never mentioned the experience I had in the motel. They ended up just telling me that a lot had happened in my life and that I was normal and just reacting to the experiences in my life. Which was true, I have had a wild life. I started searching on my own, looking at New Age material of all sorts because the experience seemed New Agey. I had no belief system in place when all this happened. I thought when you died it was very much like birth. You just don't remember. I have always had my hugest interest in science though, and at the time, non of this fit into the science category for me.  

   So, in short, I was told by the entities back in 1988 that the world would know. At the time I was told this, it sounded like it was going to be an easy process and I would not have to worry about it. I was told many other things too about the future but, that is not clear to me and I have not been hypnotised or anything. I figure it will be as they said, easy. 



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