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Thomas SAYS:
Here's a vote for you. I hop…
Here's a vote for you. I hope you accept our friend request and join our team here on Crowdrise.

We have been invited to go throughout the Yucatan and the Caribbean Islands. We are excited to go and to document the past and present effects of corporate globalization in these places and want to get there as soon as possible but we need to provide for our intrepid camera crew who is eager to embark upon this leg of our mission. We are dedicated, motivated and have all the right contacts to undertake our mission but we need your support today.

Find us on Facebook at
or on Google+ at
you can also visit our store at

Together we can make a difference.
7 years ago
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Chris SAYS:
Here is a March vote for you…
Here is a March vote for you! :)
8 years ago
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Katalina SAYS:
"Twenty years from now you w…
"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." -Mark Twain

Lets continue to work and together change the world...
8 years ago
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Terry SAYS:
oo,noe D E $_.W hi .i______…

oo,noe D E $_.W hi

.i______ -.

Aint gODT

A int gODT_.N [] .________________________ [M.O_N eyoo,noe i wernt toh co[U. R]t.

$UM_yeA_z bhack, an

. .annoe

w][o0 .J[o B.]M eK[D_'$] pe-PILL N[]-!-

wontED ...

.wHU[M]Ak__[en_]k!D$ N[ ]T * .....wAN+Ed !N_Wa n-|- eD


$M o.N[] ______________________________

n.HO ______________________________ _B ...

KN[0 w_.]B_______________ W ]-[0__ J]-[oB ._Mek__________* D'$ _paR[EN-]-$ N.E [G]/e c-|- dAY .D[]m ______................................ . K!ds , kHid$iezD E $_.W hi

.i______ -.

A int gODT _.N () .________________________ [M.O_N ey .4__ __*

mhie haN[D_..]#$%^)&_*oo,noe D E $_.W hi

.i______ -. *

A int gODT _.N [] .__________________ [M.O_N eyoo,noe i wernt toh co[U. R]t.

$uM_yeA_$ - bhack, an

..annoe |_aW_M aN$._W]-[u$$W A$_ s/$peAK!N__ -|-[]______ mHi e .m[]M[.]M__[E'n_] uN.C|_ E

(bowtd,meE_)@#$%^)&_*&_^)%$m -F shJ.______ iM -|-(R)i EN_ -|-oO $Pe A k _.2__ M g]-[i-|- en_ $Emi _.


.D a______ m -F m U$ -|- a(R)_


[$A!D.__________ma!D_____tHA__c[]Mm ENT._]Y]-[oO .CA .|_eE[D _ __*

-}-ha .horSE -!-[] .___________________________

___ ~|~H A.______W[.A]te (R). bUT_ jOH Ckaen-|-ha WA-|-__d[_]H


bOT.______ J[]o/Cho0/cH.eW .CA iNt ____________

M aK_E]* i-|- _ d R.!N[K] (shJ) .___________________

(i 0M . /hike ._________wUT.D'_'H ._ heC_

..y]-[o0 cAA_ |_ heE_D .doh, ______

ho (R).$E .______________________________ @#$%^)&_*( M) -F___________________ [h[]. /oaN_.*]

..yoor dA ______F[uH]

.K! N /_aW_ _ _ en ._y]-[o0 -|-hiNK iM_.A......................... }-[[o

YE[W______] y'0'u ThiNK [en_]- |-ri __ __ na _{P}u$ H ._iM.mA_ ho 345787-*_&%^)$#2

.j.E]w .B[a $$-|-]aR .____________ iM[m.o] kH!C.K .Hi$ P[UB] /i C .d[EF]e N [D_] n A!

&_^)%$#$%WE!n_* i_ _ _ F! ND d[?]m^)&_*&_^)%$ H.sHj_*.

.$AmE .________
(SH J)dON-|- .CH[aN.G[E]. W[]r/D __ .c0'$_

www.smokie736@.myspace.coM /ikE H!p.]~[o P_ i....... Aint, $iPo0rsetoh

/_.A $_ #$%^)&_^)%



w EP.B i gG) _____________________


(R)E M! x.______________
8 years ago
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Here's a January vote for yo…
Here's a January vote for you - look for my vote next month too .
Visit may page - a return vote would be great (just click the + sign next to my name)
Don't forget to check out my projects - join my team - donations gratefully accepted.
Happy 2011 !...
8 years ago
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Chris SAYS:
Happy New Year! Here is a Ja…
Happy New Year! Here is a January vote for you! :) I ask you to please check out my project benefiting Fellowship Health Resources of RI. It is a nonprofit agency providing both clinical and support services to people recovering from mental illness, co-occurring disorders, and other life challenges. It would mean so much to me if you could make a donation because this is a charity that is very personal to me. Best of luck with all your efforts!
8 years ago
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Amanda SAYS:
Welcome to crowdrise, so coo…
Welcome to crowdrise, so cool to have you onboard!
Here's a vote and friend add, good luck and keep up the good work!
x Amanda
8 years ago
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Shelly SAYS:
Departures, I'm sending a "J…
Departures, I'm sending a "Jolly" December vote your way. I hope that you and your loved ones are able to enjoy health and prosperity this Holiday season. No need to go searching for that perfect gift for me this year. A returned vote and donation would suffice perfectly : }

If you have a moment, please take a look at my Projects. For a donation (any denomination), I am willing to give back to the community through one hour minimum of community service. If you donate to any of my projects, you can request what type of community service I complete. For donations of $100 or more, I will complete a minimum of 5 hours to community service. I will provide documentation that the service has been completed.

I would love your support. Please feel free to join the team, donate or help in any way you seem fit. A returned vote would also be extremely appreciated! Thank you in advance for your help.
8 years ago
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Chris SAYS:
Here is a December vote for …
Here is a December vote for you! :)
8 years ago
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Patrick SAYS:
Hi, welcome to Crowdrise! Se…
Hi, welcome to Crowdrise! Sending a December vote. Add me as a friend if you like :)
Please check out my "NWHS Holiday Contest" fundraiser.
Donate/enter to win a cool animatronic lion or leopard cub (view project page & video for details)
Two drawings, so one $21+ entry/donation means 2 chances to win!
Proceeds go for the care of real tigers & other wildlife at our sanctuary.
Deadline 12-15-10
8 years ago
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