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We are seeking funding to help fund our local community theatre. Each year as budgets are cut from the fine arts we continue to offer an amazing place for kids to learn and perform. Most of what we offer can no longer be found in schools across America as our economy and budgets have been cut. We are a unique adult and children’s theatre that has been delighting audiences for 16 seasons. Annually, over 1000 children are cast in Desert Stages Theatre performances. Unlike many other children’s theaters that offer fewer youth the ability to perform on stage, our large cast format encompasses all ages, races, socioeconomic levels, personalities and abilities. DST reaches out to organizations such as Make A Wish to offer community outreach. Our community outreach program also includes performances for hospital patients and various charities. DST’s mission is to offer a creative performance environment for many youth each year. Each children’s production involves over 200 performers ages 3-19 as compared with most youth theatres casting 15-25 seasoned performers in a production. DST is an award-winning, nonprofit performing arts theatre committed to offering high quality entertainment for all ages and to providing a creative platform that nurtures each stage of an actor’s development. Our theatre strives to fulfill these community needs on a daily basis; Over 30,000 audience members attend the more than 300 performances produced by DST each season and over 1,000 children perform annually at the theatre providing important arts education and exposure that these students do not receive in curriculum at school. In the words of the late founder Gerry Cullity:
“We are helping children to find their place in life. My joys come in watching the moments that happen in theatre that are so beautiful. It is amazing to see children turn from this inward focus to an outward sense of community. I have great faith these kids are going to do great things.”