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CROWDRISE : Dec 02, 2013
Tax ID: 37-1647413
BASED: Lowell, AR, United States


National Memorial

Given the historical importance of Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm we seek to build a National War Memorial in Washington D.C. to recognize the sacrifices of the more than 600,000 military that deployed and the 383 Americans that gave their lives to secure the liberty and safety of the people of Kuwait. To achieve this goal we must gain Congressional authorization and raise sufficient funds from private sources. YOU can help with both.

In 2014 we celebrated the 23rd Anniversary of the historical conflict and yet there remains no national memorial to honor the brave men and women from the United States who served and sacrificed in that war. Through our efforts in this National Desert Storm Memorial initiative, we endeavor to create the physical memorial that many veterans and their families so profoundly deserve.

We have recruited the support of U.S. Senators, State Representatives, military commanders, veterans and their families, and other grateful American citizens for this initiative. At present, we are designing the memorial and identifying the ideal location for it. All of this work takes time and resources, and we are deeply thankful for the support we have received thus far. However, far greater support–financial contributions, in particular–is still necessary to bring this tribute to life.



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