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 After volunteering in refugee resettlement I needed to see africa myself... I paid for everything as well as all legal fees to get our 501(C)3 non profit status... The basic idea was to get other designers & businesses to donate items to be auctioned... Our first donations went to another non profit for charity auction & VIOLA these odds & ends were enough to pay for the turn about pump you see in the photos...
Designers4Africa was founded in 2009 by jewelry designer & painter April Star Davis with the hope of creating change & empowering women in the goal of self sufficiency. Since its inception. D4A has provided designers and artist the opportunity to create change through creativity taking their talents & together as a group these talents raise much needed funds. D4A inspires and enables artist , designers and private individuals the opportunity to assist the people of Sub-Sahara Africa in the ongoing development of health care, education and independence by way of tax deductable donations of goods, service or direct donation of funds.

Through her volunteer work in both refugee resettlement & with The South Sudanese Community here in San Diego Calif April became interested in providing assistance to women & children of Africa as well as refugees resettling here in the USA.

  Upon her return from Uganda she started the legal process of making D4A its own 501 ( C ) 3 tax exempt non profit. D4A was an idea that had been in the works for over 5 years & at the encouragement by noted Humanitarian John Prendergast April decided once again to fund this process in order to then see the simple dream come true. People donating items as a group that are auctioned off & turned into life changing projects both locally & in Africa.

After volunteering for years April had told Mr. Prendergast “I just want to quit jewelry & work to help others” Mr. Prendergast advised her to work within her own field to get help where its needed. So D4A was born.

The unique quality of an org that helps not only in Africa but locally in the USA is something that separates D4A from other non profits. Both Prendergast & April had volunteered at The San Diego South Sudanese Center & wish to help refugees to be successful in their transition to becoming United Stated Citizens.