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CROWDRISE : Nov 25, 2012
Tax ID: 72-1572450
BASED: Stone Mtn, GA, United States



Completion-Annex Bldg

This project will complete the painting, installing of gutters-for drainage and tiles on the floor for safety and comfort.

Remember when school started at 8:30 a.m.; the bell rang and our Teachers would be at the door to usher us in? Some of us would be late, and received a 'spanking" or two - nothing that bordered on the ridiculous. (That was the norm.) And remember when we lived with it, survived and some did well? When it was time for recess, we darted out of class and into the playgrounds outside. If we were lucky, there was a shade somewhere. Otherwise, we sat in close quarters just next to the school building to get shade from the sun. The other alternative was the playground - for cricket, football (soccer), or track and field, all in the burning sun. Yes, the sun was hot; it still is!  This Annex Building would alleviate some of the stress from the morning and afternoon sun. I imagine coming out of class, and retrieving under the shade of  a furnished Annex. The cool northeasterly breeze gently whisks through the air, your Teacher utters brief instructions for "order", then you take your place in comfort. I'm tempted, no, encouraged, to "learn" in this environment. The fresh air enlivens me; I become in-tuned with nature, and I'm able to absorb the vibrant teachings of my Teacher. Teachers will also like this because it would challenge and fascinate the learning process.

Tax ID: 72-1572450 •


Completion of Annex Building-Company Road Primary School, Buxton Village, Guyana

Completion of Annex Building…

Amount Raised:



2% Raised of $1,500 Goal