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Detroit Jazz Festival Foundation

Our idea puts a new twist on community block parties via the Detroit Jazz Fest MOBILE!, a moveable stage which will strategically bring free jazz concerts to Detroit neighborhoods. Detroit Jazz Fest MOBILE! will go into underrepresented areas and bring people together where they are – serving as a community connector. From pop-up concerts to educational engagements, #JazzOnTheBlock will inspire people with this unique American Art Form.



Music has the power to make change, bring people together and inspire audiences.

With a grant from A Community Thrives, in combination with the funds raised through this campaign, the Detroit Jazz Fest will outfit the Detroit Jazz Fest MOBILE! with a mobile stage, backline gear and instrumentation and local artist personnel, with a focus on operating free concerts in underserved of Detroit, where access to the arts and music instruction is at a minimum or completely absent from formal education. The mobile concerts will utilize green spaces and vacant lots, inspiring urban cleanup, revitalization and renewal as these areas become refreshed as public gathering space.

The self-contained mobile design is uniquely outfitted with all the equipment required for taking the show on the road. It is maneuverable, accessible and allows jazz concerts to be presented in a non-traditional way. Mobile jazz concerts will spontaneously enrich communities and public spaces with live performances.

These mobile concerts will also serve as experiential learning platforms for emerging artists and showcase the positive attributes of Detroit. The Detroit Jazz Fest Live Streaming App will spread the word about #JazzOnTheBlock and expose the beauty of the entire Detroit area.

Why Do We Want This Grant?

Music has a profound impact on people – moods change in just a few notes. Music is a driving force in society, a universal language that resonates with all ages. Music positively impacts moods and learning, with the power to bring people and communities together.

The Detroit Jazz Festival is driven to make music accessible to the entire world. From our free festival, to the education and community programs we conduct, we are committed to changing lives through jazz music. And with Detroit Jazz Fest MOBILE we will bring the gift of jazz to people throughout the Detroit area; a program that will not only transform people, but work to stimulate neighborhood renewal and foster community gathering and connections.

The attractiveness of #JazzOnTheBlock will be its ability to bring communities together. While the Mobile unit may be staged in one neighborhood, jazz lovers from across the city will be able to meet the truck and connect with others through music. Using the Detroit Jazz Fest Live Streaming App, users will be able to track the Jazz MOBILE’s location and expose people to areas around Detroit. 

An Investment In Detroit Neighborhoods

Detroit is being transformed block-by-block through creative solutions that are breathing life into older residential neighborhoods and commercial corridors throughout the city, returning the city to an economically viable place to work and live. We want to do our part to work toward creating communities that are sustainable, safe and fun by bringing people together and empowering residents through music.

Dedicated to the cultural vitality of the community and its citizens, Detroit Jazz Fest MOBILE! will expose underserved communities to high-quality jazz performances for FREE.

Running this portion of our program will take a team of professionals dedicated to maintaining the vehicle, and also planning the programs and securing artists for what we anticipate being high-demand performances and appearances. 

Your donation will help us to connect students and underserved communities with limited access to the arts to the American Art form of Jazz, motivate aspiring artists and musicians, provide family gathering opportunities, and encourage generational interactions that foster dialogue exchanges that will bring people from all walks of life, from all around the city together.


ABOUT The Detroit Jazz Festival Foundation:

The mission of the Detroit Jazz Festival Foundation (Festival) is to foster the history and nurture the development of jazz; perpetuate Detroit’s significant jazz legacy through educational and collaborative opportunities accessible to all, and present a world-class signature event that strengthens Detroit’s position as an attractive tourist destination. The Festival has evolved as a major cultural institution devoted to honoring and celebrating the rich history of jazz, presenting high quality educational opportunities that are musically inspired, diverse, engaging, and accessible to the residents and youth of Detroit; opportunities and programs designed to help fill the gap left by the absence of music instruction in public education settings. 

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