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Help Us "Stomp the Worm:" 1 Million Children a Month

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BENEFITING: Planting Peace

ORGANIZER: Planting Peace

Salem Djembe


To my friends on Facebook,
              I don't usually ask for things from people. In fact, I am more likely to give something to someone rather than ask for anything at all.

There have been times in the last 12 months that I have been so hungry because I didn't have food except rice that I stayed in bed and drank coffee to avoid having to have one more bowl.. after ten days straight sometimes. I know even as an adult what that hunger feels like. I have choices, and I can go out and ask for food, I can go to places where I can get food.. but these children.. they don't have that choice.

I have three hundred and twenty friends here on Facebook. Some of you I have never met. 

I wont beat around the bush. I want your money. Even just one dollar . The organization PLANTING PEACE has a positive track record for helping anyone that needs help, physically, and politically.

For some of us they are heroic, as they bought a house RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from Fred Phelps Hateful Sinistry, the Westborough Babtist cult, and painted the house rainbow pride colors. 

For children in need, they are there, to help feed and deworm the poorest of many. 

Please, one dollar a piece, help me raise $100.00 for this amazing group to help children who need it.  The money never comes to me. Straight to the Planting 

Help me raise 100.00 and I will donate $100.00 of my own. 

please. This means the world to me.




Planting Peace wrote -

Have you ever wondered why starving children have bloated, distended bellies? One word: WORMS! These parasitic intestinal worms consume up to 20% of a child’s nutritional intake. For children who are already not getting enough nutrition, removing these worms can be the difference between life and death. The good news is that deworming a child is as easy as delivering them a pill and the treatment is only 1.3 cents. The goal of Planting Peace is to deworm one million starving children a month, making this one of the largest hunger relief funds in the world by reach.

Since 2007, when honored with the CNN Hero award for our efforts in deworming, Planting Peace has succeeded in delivering deworming treatments to over 14 million children worldwide.


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