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Diamon Rose

Organized by: Diamon Johnson

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It's hard to write about myself...believe it or not I am tearing up as I write this. It sounds like I'm writing for a dear friend but actually I am , myself illness will shock you to your core and you would never know I am sick just by looking at me... Since I was a young Gil I loved music country pop rock you name it ...but as LIFE would have it my road to music didn't show up until after my career had launched and also retired... In 2008 my contract for a Jubilee showgirl was not renewed... It's wired how I got discovered it all started with one of those days where I was shopping in the mall and I was going to college at the age of 24 for my GED classes. I had a toddler parents raising her part time back home on the farm on Washington. I wanted to give my parents a picture of me like my senior picture which I never got to do I saw this company Glamour Shots and that's how it all started from the Sally Jessy Rapheal show. To Gerraldo to Jenny Jones to working next to Debbie Reynolds in an old auditorium in Las Vegas. They say you can only make suddle changes to enhance what's not enhancing your appearance to get on that stage I was so engrossed to getting on that stage that I was OCD. Yea I saw the physchiatrist every month for 16 yrs I was taught when to go to bed what to eat and when to sleep I Had a very strict regimen and nothing could be fit in to it. I had 45 min from the time I woke to thez one I was on stage for my first show of the night. I look back and I honestly cannot tell you how. I worked the whole childhood of my two children's lives and to say the least I am proud I myself did a very fine job. Today I have two grandchildren Deesdan and Avalon amd My daughter Milinda is happily married to her high school sweetheart Korey. My son Jordan has recently enlisted in the marine corpse. I have had a successful work life up until. 2010. I suffered a severe car accident in which my gluteal implants lodged in my back in which I had physically lodged them back into the glut me pocket this tore my muscle tissue and I suffer from my gluteal implant s disintegrating into the core of my spine and cerebellum at my brain. When I was asked to participate in this new study I thought it would be close to my spine and as I was right it is the root of all my health issues other than being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in which your cellular structure attacks your immune system so basically if something is bothering me it shows up in my body making me deathly ill. I have lost my right eye from silicone boring a hole straight through the retina losing all sight I two days in my right eye othamalogista S specialists say there is no regain of sight. I have had many strokes losing motor and muscle skills in various parts of my body I have been burned by the chemical makeup of the implant on probably 79 of my body it continues daily. Drs told me I would never fly after going up five thousand feet to. Lake Arrowhead three Fourth of July ago. Silicone bored holes in my ear canals for nearly a year it got so bad I could put a q tip on my ear and I never touched the inside til it went 3/4 of the way in. Vertigo made me so Ill continue writing more but basically the fund raiser is for me to help me get back on my feet I am a candidate for ERC. La housing emergenc funding for housing for people who are ill or homeless. The cold air is too much I can't sleep at night and I toss and turn til finally I get up. Monrovia police have been working swiftly to expedite my journey to safe housing for myself and Maestro my service dog. My son recently enlisted in the marine corpse about five weeks ago my plan is to be settled and be somewhat presentable for family to come visit Drs ya I cannot travel because silicone will travel to areas they cannot control it can cause death and it is very scary. I will work on this more tomorrow Monrovia is the place I will reside in because it's a health choice and not an option to move away I am allergic to all narcotics and Drs Hospitals Fire and Police all know who I am here in the area. Monrovia Police have really put out the effort to get me and the rest of the homeless a place to go. Medically o don't know what will come of this.! But the money is to be used for school to take my nine week class to recertification myself in the state of California as a home health care provider in home care I will be able to take care of elderly at their home or facility Oak Park has agreed to take me on.  In the mean time I will be your local Avon representative.! And maybe bring back Tupperwares name  I plan todo many creative things and to give back to the community help charities and volunteer my services where I can to keep busy and Maestro busy. Maestro loves to go to elderly care homes and visit he is a great companion dog as well.

and basically housing stuff and school costs for classes at the extended school on mountain here in Monrovia 


Organized by

Diamon Johnson

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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