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Diane's Journey

Organized by: Sarah Miller

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In March of 1994 I met a woman named Diane & 3 years later she became my mother in law. I have had the pleasure of having Diane in my life for 21 years now. Diane instantly became a woman who had my respect & I idolized the strength she carried in everything she did. Up until about 3 years ago Diane was a happy, independent, active, healthy, successful, intelligent, & strong woman. She worked hard & anything she touched or had a hand in soared to it's highest potential. Diane enjoyed spending time with her family & friends & her passion was keeping people healthy. Before all of this started she managed a very successful weight loss clinic. Every person she treated had amazing results & their success only pushed only pushed her to help more people. Diane has always been a person that would give to anyone who needed help. Helping others was her fuel to push herself harder. With the healthy & active lifestyle she lived everyday her falling ill was a shock to her entire family & all who know her. Diane has been one of the strongest women I know from the day I met her. Her illness began with sudden constant fainting spells which slowly began to strip her quality of life. Simple things like driving & working were the first things taken by her illness. Then her ability to stand & even just be alone were next on the list of many more things that made "Diane" "Diane" to go. She is no longer able to live on her own & requires a care giver to be close by for her safety & to be her arms & legs as most of her day is spent to ill to get out of bed. In the 3 years since it started I ca count on one hand the number of good days she has been given. As anyone could expect this sudden life change has only added to the illness. Life as she knew it existed no more & in return she has days of depression due to everything she is, has, & will be faced with. Diane's only request is to have just 1 day where she feels good, she says even 50% good would be enough for her. Just 1 day to wake up & be able to get out of bed without fainting or being in pain. After all she's been through & is still facing I feel that is a pretty fair request. My request would be to see her smile & hear her laugh again. Diane has 3 children & 10 grandchildren that would give anything to see her well again. Birthday parties & family gatherings are not options for her anymore due to her condition, therefore she is missing out on memories we cannot give back to her. Numerous ambulance rides, hospitalizations, & tests have given her very little answers & no solutions to getting well. Instead with each new day her physical & mental condition get worse & a little more of her strength is taken. In fact the only thing she is certain of is that her day will be spent much like the days have been for the last 3 years. She holds on to the hope that maybe "Today" will be the day she is given 20 minutes where she feels okay. Diane was diagnosed with Dysautonomia almost 3 years ago. Dysautonomia is a disfunction in your Autonomic Nervous System that regulates most of your bodies functions. When this happens a cascade of problems begin. This illness causes you to stay dizzy & faint often. Your body is no longer able to regulate blood pressure or heart rate on it's own. This can happen with very little warning so it keeps you house banned most of the time. There is no cure only medication that help with some symptoms. Diane has worked in the medical field for many years & was positive there had to be an underlying cause for this to happen so suddenly. She started her journey down the long road of hours & hours of research. Diane has been from doctor to doctor looking for answers only to recieve none that are concrete. Each gives her a different diagnosis then the 1 before. For going on 3 years she has had so many tests & also had surgery to have a pace maker put in. A year later she was told she did not need it & it should have never been put in. Then she has surgery again to have it removed. Recently she visited another specialist & has now been correctly diagnosed with Chronic Lyme's Disease & this is what is destroying her nervous system. Finally like Diane we were happy to have the answers she needed, little did we know she was only facing another long journey. Diane needs treatment to decrease the symptoms of her Dysautonomia & hopefully stop it's progression. To get the treatment for Lyme's Disease she will need to start it with a LLMD (Lyme's Literate Medical Doctor). Diane finally feels a sense of hope because these doctors have many alternative treatments besides antibiotics to help cure the disease. However the treatment comes along with a very expensive cost. The LLMD's are all out of networks & do not accept insurance. Diane has decided to put her pride aside & let us ask for any support we can get to help her start treatment as each day longer with Lyme's is taking her life. This treatment will give her a chance to get a little of her life back. Please help spread the word & share her story. The more people who know the better chance we have at saving her life. Any size donation is deeply appreciated. Thank you to each & every one of you that took the time to read about Diane's Journey!!


Organized by

Sarah Miller

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