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Diesel's Veterinary Care

Organized by: Brian Warch

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Diesel is a very loveable and friendly Olde English Bulldog who loves to hike in the park and play in the water. He was taken to his primary veterinarian who had taken over the practice of his original vet on May 20th because he began to have urinary problems and blood in his urine. Other than that, he was playful and eating regularly with no other symptoms. His vet told me he needed an x-ray right away to look for tumors, kidney or bladder stones. He said his machine was down and that he was sending me to another vet he worked with for the x-rays.

When I arrived to the new vets small animal hospital the tech told me she had all of his paperwork and could take him back. The vet never came out to discuss with us the procedure so we said we wanted to go back with him. She said we couldn't go back and took Diesel after turning up the video in the lobby.

About 45 minutes later the tech came out with Diesel and said everything went well and Diesel was a good boy. My wife and I still did not meet or see the vet and Diesel was panting very heavily. We tried to calm him down but the panting continued.

By the time I put him in the air conditioned truck Diesel was making a loud noise while trying to breath. I immediately called the pet ER and told them we were bringing him in for respiratory distress. He was taken straight back and treated for respiratory distress. They said he was stabilized and sedated. We went home with him with instructions of what to look for. We carried him in after the 5 minute ride from the ER and I took his temperature. It was 107.8 and he was struggling to breath. His tongue was swollen and his gums were turning blue. We put him right back in the truck and his gums had turned white and he was struggling to breathe.

The ER took him back and had to put him under and intubate him to save his life. They took x-rays of him and ran tests and could not tell us what happened but they suspected that he had laryngeal collapse or swallowed his own throat. They told us he needed a surgical consult to find out what happened that would require him to go under again but he was too unstable and his throat was too swollen to do it now.

After thinking about what could have happened during the x-ray that put him into respiratory distress and almost killed him I considered that the new vet might have muzzled Diesel. Diesel is a brachycephalic breed with a short nose and flat and wide skull. He has never been muzzled and requires a specific type of muzzle.

When I questioned the vet and met her for the first time she admitted to using a muzzle and I asked her to show me what she used. She brought out a XXXL muzzle meant for breeds like a Great Dane. The eye to nose length for that muzzle is 4.25” and cone shaped for a long nose dog. Diesel’s eye to nose length is barely over 1” and his jowls are too big to be stuffed into a cone. His nose never would have extended half way through or out he end the way it is supposed to fit on a long nosed dog. When I told her he was a brachycephalic breed and should not have been muzzled with what she showed me she got upset and said she knew what she was doing. Then she started saying he was snapping and biting after the tech told us he was good.

I am sorry this is so long but I do not know where to turn. The bills are already in the thousands and Diesel requires more expensive tests when he is well enough to find out if there is more damage. Diesel is such a sweet boy he has never needed to be sedated or restrained by his primary vet and his vet often remarked on how well behaved he was when he had to have exams and was shaved once. I feel terrible that he was suffocated and almost killed by someone. His airways were closed off completely. Diesel is having panic attacks and anxiety when he thinks we are leaving the house and requires a sedative when this happens. My wife and I consider him to our child and we want him to recover and get the treatment he needs.

We are trying to do what we can with filing a complaint but his vet has already changed his records to show an aggressive warning. I also have doubts about their credentials now because they are both graduates of the University of Ibadan which teaches medicine and an internet search revealed filthy conditions, with no running water or electricity for its students.

Please help us in any way you can to help us pay for his care. We would appreciate any advice you could offer us also. Thank you for reading.


Organized by

Brian Warch

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