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Divine Intervention II - Smite For Charity

Divine Intervention II - Smite For Charity Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: Nov 01, 2014

It's time for the gods to give a little back!


Divine Intervention brings the Smite community together for a one day Pro-Am style tournament to help raise funds for the American Red Cross. 32 teams will bettohl it out for honor and glory in a live broadcast event on Twitch.TV! We've invited thirty two of the top Smite youtubers, pro team members, streamers and community members to lead a team, and you the donors decide who's on the teams!


The 64 top donors will secure a spot automatically, while leaving room for the second group of 64 randomly selected from everybody who donates!


For more information please visit


And remember it's tax deductable!


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Divine Intervention -2

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