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Dinner Table Foundation

The Dinner Table is growing community connections to inspire you to make healthy dietary and lifestyle choices. Our purpose is to provide food assistance, support services, and nutrition education for the community.

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The Dinner Table was formed as a 501(c)3 non-profit in 2015 as part of a desire to
provide food assistance to the underserved areas of Okanogan County, to unify the county's food network, to provide support to existing emergency food agencies, and to promote local farm to table/food pantry efforts.

The Dinner Table maintains a diverse board of 7-9 members, with a wide range of skills, talents, interests, and backgrounds representing business, agriculture,
community development, finance, food & nutrition, and community service. Our
members hail from across Okanogan County.  This enables us to gain a wider
perspective on the type of services needed and the logistics necessary to achieve our goals.

The Dinner Table is a completely volunteer-run effort, with no paid employees and 100% board participation. All financial contributions to The Dinner Table are put directly towards our mission, goals, and to support the infrastructure that is directly related to implementing those goals.

We welcome and appreciate all community involvement, for we believe that is truly the only way hunger in Okanogan County will be alleviated is through united community involvement.  

We Need You!

Please consider volunteering or supporting The Dinner Table financially.

Thank You!  

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