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Kenyasoweta Bowman's Fundraiser:

Direct To Dalit

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Kenyasoweta Bowman


I want to help the Dalit "Untouchables" in India. The Dalit are victims of social and economic apartheid due to an antiquated and oppressive caste system. I have been hearing horror stories and watching documentaries and speaking with professors and anthropologists about the hearkening social and economic conditions of this group of people, who are ostracized and castigated from society from birth to death. At this time, I have accumulated enough emotional and psychological debt from the frustration, anger, and heartache I feel for the Dalit (and other impoverished, marginalized peoples of the world.) I can no longer sit back in overwhelming anxiety about the futility of my efforts. I need to help now, I am sick of the injustice.

I do not want to go through any of the "blue-ribbon" charitable organizations i.e. The Red Cross, UNICEF, etc. because I do not think the monies received from this fundraiser will be allocated to the people that need it most (administrative costs for these bloated charities often eat up 70% of charitable funds donated, which is absurd and insulting.) After conducting some research, I stumbled upon a charitable organization that gives funds directly to poor citizens in Kenya and Uganda via free cellular phones. Unfortunately, this program has not been extended to India to date. With your help, I would like to provide funds to the GiveDirectly organization for them to expand the program to include India (which currently has 160 million Dalit). The average Dalit makes $20-$60 USD per month.

The objective here is provide the Dalit with resources that they can utilize within the forced confinements of their communities. These funds can help kick start small businesses and schools to help grow the local economies. No longer will these victims have to beg for hand outs, or eat rodents, or be scorned and scolded by the rest of their callous society.

What the donations can be used for:
1. Sewing machines
2. Cattle
3. Seed for farming
4. Books for school
5. Clothing
6. Grants for Small Businesses
7. Health care
8. Transportation (a bus, or a motorcycle, or a bike can be used as transportation for multiple school children.)

Operational costs for only account for 10% of donations which is awesome compared to the more well-known non-profits.

I am just one American woman who is tired of seeing unjust and unnecessary suffering. It haunts the soul to see a grown man cry because he can not feed his family after working for 15 hour days. These human beings do not want much. They live humble lives and are happy with very little. I think they deserve a little more than that.

If you would like to see an example of the living conditions of the dalit, watch the documentary video uploaded.

Final thought.  I do not do social media, so do not be deterred to donate because I do not have an online presence, If I want to speak to my friends and family, I give them a phone call or shoot them an e-mail. I do not want to be famous, and I do not want any money from this fundraiser.  I just want to help.

100% of the money from this fundraiser will go to

Thank you for your support.



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