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Disabled Senior with P.S.T.D.-Asperges Symdrome

Organized by: Edwin Sweeney

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I was diagnoiced with P.S.T.D. and Asperges Symdrome and Grossly Enlarged Heart in 2009..I tried to hold a "Job",to work in any Industry,but be -cause of my inability to socialize,talk to people,my speech impediment, I had an inability to function in society.I was able to "Reach ",out to others with my same disability.I tried to work as a contractor,Was licensed by the state of California,but because of my disablity,I did the work people asked me to do,but because I was disabled people would take advantage of me,I would end up doing more work for less money.Finally I was suspended,by CLCB,I was hit by a AAA Semi-Tow truck on 11-07-1994,at 60mph.My Career ended,I had multiple jobs to finish,but could not,because I was physically hurt,with whip lash,numbness in my legs and hands,an neck and back.I was never able to ketch up with monthly CLCB payments,So the state of California took my license.I pleaded with the state,hired an attorne y,wrote a letter to my customers.Finally the State of California,sent me a letter saying,my C-27 license was reinstated but it was expired.I went to the state of California,and they paid for the fees to reinstate my license.I was told by C.L.C.B.,that even though my license was expired,after the fees were paid,I could work as a C-27 licensed Contract -or..In 1999, I married a Nurse,she was licensed by C.L.C.B.,as a (B) Contractor but her license was inactive,So we called the Licensing unit in Sacramento and the license Unit,agreed to put me on my wifes (B) license as husband and wife team.At that time I thought I could contract for jobs.I began to work again in my field as a Disabled person,hired some men to help me,to do the work.I even signed up as a Union Contractor.I also bought Insurance through the State Fund Insurance Program.I put down a down payment of $650.00 dollars,and started to get many jobs.I got at least 5 pretty good sized ones.I did the work to the best of my ability even though I was disabled.The brother to a Disabled women I worked for said he thought I over charged for all the work I did which included,a 7ft 500 ft Redwood fence with two gates,a piece brick basket ball court,multiple,water falls a spillway,Koi pond,lawn,Sprinkler system,plants,trees,a kitchen,a garage door,and 12 Station time clock.I advanced my workers ,since I paid them biweekly.I hired many extra employees to help finish all the work.I hired some men ,who stole my Equipt-ment that did not allow me to finish my jobs.I had several jobs to finish but because kf my disability I was unable to get everything done.I hired another attorney to Settle with my clients.To my avail,The one Brother contacted all the jobs I couldnt finish and Filed a complaint with CLCB,and the D.A. Office..I was charged with a crime.I went to court and did a Plea Bargain.As a result,They took my Lively Hood away from me,my wife who was a Nurse divorced me,took all my belongings and clothing,The Police asked me to move,because the Wife Nurse said it wad her house.So I moved in 2005.I ended up moving in with my Elderly Mom of almost 90,I am still here in Sonoma.I walk a little for exercise,but because my heart goes out of Rythum periodically and I have P.S.T.D.,and Asperges Symdrome,and Aniexty,and now the inability to work.I tried to hire an Attorney,But he stole all my money I saved.The State of California,and Marin County,California says,as of September of 2016 says I owe $111,000.00 dollars in Restitutions and fines and interest.I am off probation,since March of 2016.I am at a wits end.I asked the Public Defender to Expundge me so I could get at least a job to pay off my fees and fines and Restitution.I Called the Public Defenders office the other day and they told me when I paid off all of my fines, Restitution,and interest they wod expudge me.My mom may is very elderly and when she passes away I will be out on the street...So what I have been doing with my time,is helping,the disabled,homelesss people,U.S.Wound ed Worriors with consulting.I was once in the U.S.A.F., myself as a Civilian.I worked as a Waste Water Teritary Treatment Operator and Water and Fire Operator stationed on 1972.I am now still involved with helping with people with all kinds of disabilities, and homeless people,drug rehibilation Chef .I keep very busy with helping out in the Community,since I cant get a regular job because now of my disabilities and my Conviction,eleven years ago.I served my time, my Probation,and still want to be employed.I keep trying to find someone to help me with some type of employment,to give me a second chance.Again I'm disabled,I'm 62,I can walk,maybe lift 20 lbs .I can write,and speak english.Please Help.Thank you for taking the time to read my Story.Ed.


Organized by

Edwin Sweeney

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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