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Disabled Woman trying to get own license and a car

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I'm a disabled citizen and have been disabled all my life due to a gun-shot and contracted polio which paralyzed only my legs so I get around in a mobile chair. I have very strong upper strength by pushing my chair everywhere. I am estranged from my adopted family now for the past 20 years therefore I am willfully strong and independently living on my own and just trying to make ends meet. I feel that because I was not in an accident or anything, I don't get assistance from insurance companies to help in my every day needs. I rely on just myself and trying to make ends meet on my own. Due to just getting by on my own, I'm always depended on the Toronto Transit Wheeltrans bus service to get me around; to get to work or to go shopping but I don't have the luxury to just get up and go anywhere I want to go without relying on booking the bus and waiting for hours sometimes. If I'm sick at work or just want to visit a friend, I'm not able to just get in a car and drive away. I have tried to save up to get my license and purchase a car however due to my naïve and selflessness to other people, I think of them first and myself last and when it comes to my needs I tend to not do anything about it. I would like to have children one day and drive them around to friends places, birthday parties or just to get away and I don't want to be bringing them on the bus all the time, so I'm determine to get my license and a car however I need some help from somewhere. I am 35years old and I would like to get my own license and be free and independent to drive a car. However, financially I am unable to do so. I have looked into the only driving place that deals with people with disabilities and that is at "Saint Elizabeth Hospital", however it costs $3000 and I need my own vehicle to take the final test. I have contacted another disabled organization "March of Dimes" but they do not fund driving assessment and the lessons, they do however assist in modifications of vehicles but I need to HAVE a car first. I pray that someone or an organization to assist me. I thank you for your attention,



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Tham is working on selecting a charity so you can support Disabled Woman trying to get own license and a car.