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I am a single, disabled woman and I am currently living in the Big Sky RV park, in my own RV. My landlord is getting totally
out of control and doing all kinds of illegal things to us. For example: He changes
our meters, if we complain about the bill(we HAVE to pay him, he refused to let me
know who the company is). I did an internet search & discovered it was AEP. He has
sinced been fined, so I've been told. These "new" meters are 2-3 faster than the
ones we had. My meter says it's from Sangamo Electric Co. from Springfield, ILL.
I did a search and discovered that this company went out of business in 1978. I
live in Harlingen, TX. He takes our mail to his house and then hours later, he
puts in our boxes. I live right next to the mailbox and see this daily. When I
complained to the Postmaster General, he moved a rusty, trashy RV right next to
me, so that I can't see what he does anymore. He admitted that's why he did this
to my caregiver. He shut off the electric to the public showers, without warning.
When I complained to him, as many of use these showers, he said it was a punishment;
because some people can't turn off the lights. When I told him I use those showers,
as my water heater died 4 months ago; (I have since got a new water heater)he said I
didn't need to see to shower. He does absolutely nothing around the park. I've lived
here for 7 months and there is STILL a humongous pile of debris around the park and my yard.
There are tree limbs laying all around and people just drive over them. My RV has been hit
twice by these limbs. In July, my then APS worker put me in a motel for 4 days, because of
no a/c. I called my landlord to pick up his rent. I paid him $50.00 on the electric & he still
said I owed $150.00 more. He then started making sexual advances, telling me how big he was and
asking me if he could see "it". He kept asking to see my breasts & begging me to let him "just
touch them." It took me 20-30 minutes to get him out of my room. I honestly felt like he was
going to rape me. I got home 3 days later and I noticed that it looked like two of my tires had
been slashed. A couple of days later, they blew and almost blew my window A/C on top of me.
My RV tilts badly and rocks like crazy when the wind blows. He mows everyone's lawn, but mine.
I just need some help getting tires and getting it running. As far as I know, it only needs a
battery and tune up to get it running. As soon as I can get it road ready, I am going to move.
Then, I intend to file a lawsuit against this landlord. I believe that this has been going on for
years. He also never gives us receipts for rent or for the electric bill. I have only got 2 since
I've been there. We never get receipts for electric, he adds it to the rent receipts. He showed me
his receipt book and I noticed that certain people's receipts were barely readable, he scratched out
so many times. Then, he would add new figures. I also noticed that some receipts were perfect. I
asked him why he did this and he said he "hated waste". I told him that it was not very professional.
After a little investigation on my part, I discovered that only those of us who own our RV's and for
some reason or other can't move them are targeted. For some reason, I seem to be more targeted. Maybe
because I am a single disabled woman and he thought I'd be easier to fleece or something. A neighbor,
who is also on SSI is at least 5 months behind and he is living in peace. Please help me get out of this
park, so I can put a stop to this illegal activity. Someone needs to, I guess it's going to be me.
He messed with the wrong person this time, lol. Thank you for whatever help you can do, it means a lot.
I have contacted every agency & all I get is promises. When I contacted my then APS worker about my fears,
it was 10 days before she showed up, yet nothing was said or done about my situation. I have not been out of
my RV in over 4 months, due to my intense fear of my landlord. My in home health care provider has been by the landlord,
and every visitor that comes to see me. He runs over and demands to know who and what they are. I've told
this to my APS worker twice already and never heard from her. I am getting seriously depressed and frustrated.
Please, can you help me? I was told by the APS worker that the landlord has been fined for illegal use of
electric meters and for numerous code violations. I don't believe this, as he is still doing these things.
The park is still a mess and now it looks like he's either installed a camera in or around my RV or is watching
in the windows, when my caregiver is here. She told me a week ago that he stopped her when she came in one morning
and was asking her many questions about me. He asked her what we do during the day and then proceeded to tell
her exactly what we do. How could he know these things, unless he is watching us? My caregiver is the one who
thought maybe there was a camera somewhere. She is nervous, with good reason; as am I. If he is watching my
caregiver and I, then he must be watching me at all times. I don't go outside until late at night or early in the
morning to check my mail, to avoid seeing him. I am sick of being stuck inside all the time, because of him.
My Adult Protective Services caseworker came by about 4 months ago and said a complaint had been filed against me.
I am supposedly sitting outside naked on a daily basis, disturbing the neighbors. I told them that I don't even like
to see myself naked, let alone subject anyone else to that. They then closed my case, saying that since my landlord
is not a family member or caregiver, it's not really abuse. However, the Constable says it is, so why don't they? I
filed a complaint with the Constable and he said it is not only abuse, it is assault. So why did APS close my case?
Can you please help me? I am at the end of my rope, as no one listens to me, hears me or answers my calls or emails.
Thank you for letting me vent, I appreciate it.



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