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this secret donation campaign is being started to help out a lady that I know that runs the rescue she is not at 5:01 she has worked many many years since I've known her here in the desert rescuing animals initially it was dogs and cats and small things goats pigs but she was living in Cathedral City so she ended up moving club house drive Ranch that had electrical problems and it burned to the ground she lost everything.no renters insurance..The fire and rescue was featured on kesq Jan 2011.. while she was in the process of moving her belongings truckload by truckload somebody came in and stole her round pen which she bought and paid for herself and they stoled 4 entire Corral's all 24 foot panels and Gates that did not stop her or prevent her from moving forward she moved a few things that items that she had left out to Winchester California and was still working in the desert as a caregiver she specializes with Alzheimer patients privately in their homes so she continued to rescue larger animals horses and all of that drove all over the United States rescuing horses from abuse from feedlots that were getting ready to be shipped out Slaughter horses that have been beaten so badly and owners that just abandon them there were times when were horses were actually being turned loose in the river bottom out here in Riverside County California..local horse's . it was very devastating but she rescued them for the love of animals, she's takin crippled horses she's taking horses that have birth defects that people were going to put down because of itshe takes animals that nobody wants and she does great things with them when she had the ranch that burn down she'd open it up on the weekends and would get children to come over that had down syndrome ,autism,a t risk teens and introduce them different things with the animals ,she liked them to get adjusted to the animals and they found joy ,, many families brought alzheimer's patients to come in sit around the trees on hay bales and feed the chickens and the goat it's quite amazing in a very sad to see what is happened she worked very hard and when she landed on lamel road in sky valley she really thought that that was gonna be the paradise right there but after several years of living there on december 27th of 2016 the landlord knocked on the door and told her that the property had been sold and she at 30 days to move out it's all been pretty much downhill since then tryna find ranch that she could rents that was large enough in and it just hasn't happened she looked everywhere out here sky bali morongo valley and still nothing eventually having nowhere to go and nowhere to go with the horses she posted on facebook and somebody came in and help her for horses are in morongo valley her dogs and cats are with her but it would be very nice to see everything reunited and her in a home she unfortunately is not a caregiver because as of january first they change laws she was deodorant a department of justice in f_b_i cleared for 17 years working with alzheimer's and dementia patients when they change the law from a fraudulent checks she committed in 1988 and she did pay her restitution and get all that taking care never to get in trouble again..of but they pulled her department of justice clearance in she can no longer work as a caregiver so she went for making a good amount of money for mine to nothing absolutely 0 she is now working retail and her take come after taxes is 8 dollars and 45 cents an hour and if you know retail they won't let you work more than 29 hours per week it's usually round out about 20 the woman needs help desperately so I figured I know she's not going out franny she has in the past posted on facebook and according to her and there were any donations and I can verify that because I've tried to help brothers much as I can you know on I'm not a young woman in and I live on the fixed income so I'm asking please please everybody to just help a little bit just a dollar or 5 dollars I have her PayPal address because it is the name of her rescue which is love thy horse and I hope you all can help her out name is jasmine ferrari and if you met her you would be very very charmed by her genuwine compassionate and loving human being and I have never seen anybody more down on their luck please help her please help the horses please help they are her life and she is struggling to pay the boarding fees in the hay.. actually she doesn't even have her car it burned up. Old cop car..pictures are on facebook on her page so she's been borrowing her sons car they're car pooling that's not easy I can sure you so please help please help if you can I thank you so much I truly appreciate it and my name is chase berlin thank


Organized by

Chase Berlin

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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Chase is still setting up this fundraiser so please check back so you can support Displaced Horse,dog,cat,Rescue rehab and sanctuary.

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