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District 9 LRROF

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What does it take to operate a rescue organization? Well, for Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida (LRROF), which is 100 percent volunteer run (not one person draws a paycheck from LRROF) it takes folks to evaluate, transport and foster dogs. It takes a dedicated team to screen interested families. It takes a knowledgeable group of people to work behind the scenes, with IT and guest service. It takes folks in the trenches to set up meet 'n greets and fundraisers. Most importantly, it takes people with big hearts who are willing to do this for nothing but the satisfaction of seeing a dog get the chance to be loved and get the life they always deserved. We know that our friends and families are asked all too often to deal with last minute changes to dinner plans and events. We know that we often burden you with the daily angst we face on our facebook pages and emails. We know that once in awhile we might neglect you, not call as often as we should, not focus as well as we should on our personal issues at hand. We are sorry for that. We thank you for understanding what it takes to save a dog from the streets, from a bad home life, from a serious disease. Thanks for wiping our tears when we have to send a dog over the rainbow bridge or return from the Shelters where we see so many dogs that have been cast aside. Most of all, thanks for still loving and supporting us in our efforts. We hate to do it, but we have to ask you for just one more thing...can you support our semi-annual Friends and Family campaign? You can rest assured that your hard earned dollars are going for the care of our Labs. Not one person draws a paycheck. Your donation is tax deductible, and you can see it working every day when you visit our website and facebook pages. We are grateful that you would consider making a donation to support a cause that we hold so dear. On behalf of Boss, Hunter, Declan, Smoochie, Penny, and out countless seniors, thank you for a chance at a new life. We love and appreciate you.



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