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Institute for Systems Biology's Fundraiser:

Dive Into the Blueprints of Life


We are fostering a collaboration between ISB and Cornish College of the Arts that explores data aesthetics and biology, using mixed reality and HoloLens technology.

ISB has always believed that the best way to understand the complex biological mechanisms that control the lives of everything from microbes to humans is to study them across many dimensions and through the complementary perspectives of cross-disciplinary researchers. This belief is at the heart of our signature systems biology approach. It gives us the collective power to dive deep into the blueprints of life to gain an intimate understanding of how the genetic codes of all types of organisms function – or don’t.

Embracing the newest technologies is essential to how we make progress and leapfrog to the next frontiers. Currently, we are piloting the use of Microsoft’s HoloLens to create an immersive, “mixed reality” experience to help people explore the layers of networks and interactions inside living systems.

Our goal is to create a HoloLens experience to present during the “9e2” event that will take place in October 2016 at Seattle’s King Street Station. 9e2 revives the original “9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering” series of performances that took place at the famed Bell Labs in New Jersey in 1966. At 9e2, the public will be able to try on a HoloLens and step into a five-minute immersive journey featuring holograms of evolutionary trees and an assortment of biological networks, including that of the model organism sea urchin.

Through ISB’s Consilience Program, our staff is teaming up with the design department at Cornish College of the Arts to create this work. This collaboration will bring together scientists, designers, technologists and artists to communicate our story. We believe this proof-of-concept project will light the way for future intersections between science, technology, communications and art.



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