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Divinity Of Love Assistant Living

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For many older people and families home is where the heart is.  It holds the key to the past, a safehaven for the present and the legacy they desire to live for generations to come. 

Since becoming a nurse  the president of The Divinity of Love Assistant Living Inc. desired to make this a reality and assist families of elderly love ones by relieving caregiver strain.  By helping seniors stay in their homes, happily and safely during working hours and on weekends while primary caregiver continues to work and provide for the family.  Divinity of Love Assistant is just that we strive to provide assistance to families at no cost to decrease financial burden while providing  high-quality in-home  sitters, companions, supplies and health education. 

Our one-on-one services are provided  in private homes, facilities, and hospitals when requested by families for 5 free hours per week. This will allow free time for caregivers to do household chores, errands, appointments or just a small walk in the park. T