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CROWDRISE : Feb 17, 2016
Tax ID: 62-6074113
BASED: Knoxville, TN, United States


Our Goal

Dogwood Arts' mission is to promote and celebrate our region's art, culture, and natural beauty.

Dogwood Arts is so much more than a festival.  Dogwood Arts is a 12-month celebration of our mission to promote and celebrate the region’s arts, culture, and natural beauty, as well as a celebration of the thousands of artists who share their talents with us and our community.

In a recent post on the NEA website, Jane Chu, Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, shared the following,:  “The arts are part of our everyday lives. No matter who you are or where you live, they have the power to transform individuals, spark economic vibrancy in communities, and transcend the boundaries across diverse sectors of society.”  

This is precisely what Dogwood Arts aspires to accomplish each and every day with each and every program, and there are fifteen of them (and growing) throughout the year.  Our mission is clear, simple, and straightforward: To promote and celebrate our region’s art, culture, and natural beauty.  From the Knoxville Film Festival to the House and Garden Show to the Dogwood Arts Festival on Market Square to the Rhythm N’ Blooms urban-americana music festival, to the Bazillion Blooms tree-planting initiative (those are the “big ones”), along with an additional ten “smaller,” yet no less impactful, programs, we wake up and come to “work” everyday thinking, “what can we as a team do to ensure that our mission is working, while cultivating and supporting our local and regional art, artists, and natural beauty purveyors.”  

We believe that a vibrant and dynamic community reflects the investment and commitment to the arts and culture of all stakeholders and residents of the region.  Mediocre arts and culture leads to complacent and uninspired citizenry. Dogwood Arts can and must be the trailblazer because we showcase all of the arts reaching all ages, sexes and races with our programming. Our programs are structured to advance all artforms and highlight the talented artists of our region while engaging and inspiring the public to be more active and creative. 

If the arts and culture industry is not only going to survive, but thrive, we need to be mindful of and sensitive to what our for-profit brethren promote in business and industry: identifying and creating partnerships.  And because Dogwood Arts exists to serve ALL arts, culture, and natural beauty constituencies within our region, our sphere of influence, if you will, this is the service we provide on a moment-to-moment basis: integrating and unifying the arts and culture community, growing the pie, as it were, rather than doling out small slices.  This is not a sustainable model for growth, this ‘doling out small slices,’ and prosperity.  The arts dollar is shrinking at an unprecedented rate.  In order to grow this pie, all stakeholders must work together so the arts and culture enterprises can bloom (pun intended) in an environment of encouragement and collaboration. 

Tax ID: 62-6074113 •


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