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Organized by: sophia muniz

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THIS WILL BE LONG BUT ITS WORTH IT, PLEASE READ!!!! It all started when i wasnt even in this world. My little brother was in my moms (dolly) belly, and she didnt have much to support on. Her mom (My grandma) wasnt around, she was always out partying and it seemed my mom was her last priority. My father was the only person my mom had, except he didnt treat her the way he should have. He threw her head in walls and stomped on her pregnant stomach. So lets skip to the part where i come in the picture..My dad left for some other woman, and my mom was doing this parenting thing on her own. As i became older i realized how evil and cruel my father truely was. We had to visit every other weekend, and i found myself dreading the moment i stepped into his door. My older brother was always the priority. Always. His sports came first, his everything. I was forced to do everything, chores, dinner, etc. He was the golden child. I never quite understood why. I didnt understand why i couldnt have a relationship with my father like my brother did. I envied him. As i finally got into sixth grade, the middle school wouldnt let me transfer, and i was forced to go to another school. I had to go to a place where i had no friends, no place where i could fit in. As months went by i came to the conclusion that the school wasnt right for me. I had one friend that genuinely cared about me, and the rest didnt. I went to my dad, i told him the school wasnt right for me, kids picked on me and i disliked it, he told me i couldnt transfer to another school because i would turn out to be a loser. So i went to my mom, she told me it was my decision, and that she would support me either way. I told my father i was going to transfer and he said no, he said he would take my mom to court. So one day my mom just took me out and enrolled me somewhere new. My dad stopped talking to me. He disowned me. I came downstairs one day, and i overheard him say on the phone That i was going to be fifteen and pregnant, white trash, just like my mother. I felt thick hot tears run down my cheecks as i thought "Why?" Why couldnt he love me the way ive always wanted him to..? (7I am fifteen nkw by the way, and let me tell you how good it feels to have proven him wrong.) A little later my brother decided to move in with him, for good. I refused to even hear his voice over the phone. My father is the most negative person ive known in my entire life. He would pick on me, make me feel worthless. And i soon began to feel like i was. My mom was and still is my rock. Its been me and her since day 1. I have a little brother and sister as well, they are twins. And one day we got these court papers issued to us, and the twin's dad had taken them away. My mom was so crushed. Ive never felt my heart break so much. It broke more and more everytime i saw my mom cry herslef to sleep, and i couldnt do a thing about it. Then, My father started to abuse my brother. Physically, mentally, you name it. He went to school with a black eye one time, and he lied to the cops and told them he shot into my dads knee when thet were wrestling. Another time my dad got real mad, and drove him home. My brother was crying, he had the biggest bruises on his arms. He had cuts on his lips, and choke marks on his neck. My brother still wouldnt leave though. He just wouldnt. He said "I cant leave him. Because if i do then he wont have either of his kids. And i just cant do that" He constantly blamed me. He told me that im the reason he gets treated badly. Because once i stopped seeing my dad, he was no longer the golden child. He was me. So short story short, they took a trip to San Jose, and my brother got into this argument with my dad, and he had been drinking. My father is a very mean person when hes had a few. So then my dad began to punch him. He called him many names and would continue to thrash his anger on him. When they got back, my brother ran away. And now hes back to living with us. You would think thats a good thing, but my brother is so damaged that he brought all those terrible vibes, and his negativity into our home. My mom thought she could fix him, make him into the person she knows he can be, but it doesnt seem to be working. Let me tell you a little about our home. I have a two story house. It was my grandmas before it was ours. So its filled with all of her stuff, plus ours. We have tried everything we possibly can to make our house look nice. Nothing works. We have a bat problem, they live like up in the atic and it gives off this smell in my room. We have mold under our house and behind certain things like our fridge. Oh and dont forget the mouses! My mom is a full time worker for the majority, and shes a bartender. She goes to work from 5:30 PM to normally about 4:30 AM. She works very hard to keep us on our feet. And im more then grateful for the things we have. Shes the best mother i could ever ask for. She doesnt drink, smoke, nothing. Shes responsible and independant. Shes my best friend. And she deserves so much more than what we have. Back when i said my twin brother and sister got taken away, that was 2 1/2 years ago. We are still fighting to this day to get them back. Their father lied and told the court that my mom sexually abused them, and thousands of other propostorous things. Im more than ready to help my mom fight for the life we deserve. Im so sick of seeing her cry evreyday, and seeing her so upset because of everything life is thowing at her. My mother showed me how to be strong and independant, she showed me that i mean something. This fundraiser is for her. This fundraiser is for hope, that maybe one day we can finally have the things we need, or The life we desperately have been wanting. So please, donate anything you can. Even a penny..It all counts. It all means something. Maybe we could get a new attorney for my little brother and sister, a new house, car. Anything really.


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sophia muniz

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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sophia is still setting up this fundraiser so please check back so you can support Dollys donations.

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