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THE TARA APPROACH for the Resolution of Shock and Trauma is a unique fusion of Western neuroscience and Eastern energy medicine. Tax ID 84-1218142


The TARA Approach, developed by Dr. Stephanie Mines, is a unique healing system with four unque attributes:

  • It differentiates shock from trauma.
  • It is self-care and empowerment based. Its purpose is to allow everyone to be in the center of his or her own healing process.
  • It advocates and teaches the use of subtle energy medicine in combination with an attuned delivery of language as the most effective treatment of shock and trauma.

The TARA Approach can be adapted to serve virtually any population. Dr. Mines has focused her research, writing and service thus far on: Survivors of shock and trauma; Pre and Perinatal Psychology and the prevention of birth shock; Chronic health conditions; Neurodiversity; and The children and families of war. The TARA Approach is unique in providing interventions specifically adapted for the resolution of shock.

The Components:

  • Jin Shin Tara:  A subtle energy system based on the Extraordinary Meridians; and
  • The use of language that is sensitive to the nervous system of the recipient.


The TARA Approach trains people to disseminate a grass-roots, sustainable system of healthcare that can be used by anyone, anywhere. This year the TARA Approach has given over $11,000 in scholarships, services, materials and hands-on treatment to people in need around the world.


You can help us do more! Those of you who have experienced the TARA Approach know that it works miracles and that once it is in your hands, it is yours for the rest of your life. Help the TARA Approach put healing in the hands of those who need it. Your donation will give someone a scholarship so that they can learn the TARA Approach for their family in need, or so that they can become a practitioner and a teacher of the TARA Approach and help their community.

Your donation will assure that individuals who cannot afford TARA services or learning materials can have them.