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Donald White

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Brett SAYS:
Hey buddy! How are things..…
Hey buddy!

How are things...? Send me a note at when you get the chance. And, of course, THANK YOU for the donation - much appreciated.

All the best to the White clan,

4 years ago
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I wanted to thank you all fo…
I wanted to thank you all for your generous donations and kind thoughts. The experience was amazing and I will never forget it.
The race was a brutal assault on the body, from dehydration to things bleeding that shouldn’t ever bleed. I was also overcome by the emotions that only this day could bring as well.
It was all a small price to pay because to folks outside of New England, Patriots' Day is just another Monday. It's coffee and rush hour and deadlines. To New Englanders, Patriots' Day is the year's greatest day. Because it's our day. It's First Beer at 9am and First Wave at 10am and First Pitch at 11am.
It is Marathon Monday, 27 miles (counting the walk to the starting line) of pride, a rowdy block party before the starts in Hopkinton then blends into the next party in Framingham, and then into Natick and Wellesley and Brookline and Newton, and then on to Boston, all to celebrate the region and the runners.
Because, to paraphrase Big Papi, this is our f---ing city.
Never before had our city been prouder than April 21, 2014. Not even when our Sox or our Celtics or our Bruins or our Patriots won world championships. Not ever. This was about more than pride. This was about closure.
Because on April 21, 2014, we ripped our city back from the clutches of cowardice. We showed up in droves -- an estimated 1 million people.
We had already rallied. For an entire year, Boston bonded together in support of those injured and killed in the marathon bombings. But this was the anniversary of the event. This was the ultimate display of Boston Strong. This was rebirth.
And I still can't believe I was a participant.
Thank you all for making this happen by donating to such a great cause.
Josh and Lisa Warren are amazing people and helped me get there.
And none of this would have been possible without the amazing spirit and partnership of my wife Ellen.

Truly Yours,

- Jon
4 years ago
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Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Massachusetts… SAYS:
Thank your generous donation…
Thank your generous donation! Your support will allow us to continue to provide our statewide network of vision rehabilitation services and to help those experiencing vision loss live with dignity and independence.

With only 12 days to go until Marathon Monday we are just $5,000 away from raising $150,000, by far the most we've ever raised at the Boston Marathon. We would love your help in closing that gap!

Please share the link below with friends, family, and co-workers, and invite them to join you in supporting Team With A Vision and the Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired!

Thank you again,

Joshua Warren
Team With A Vision
4 years ago
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Andrew SAYS:
You are awesome! Vote back …
You are awesome! Vote back if you want. While you're at it check out my Napkin Picture that Crowdrise is featuring
4 years ago
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January vote for you! May 20…
January vote for you! May 2013 bring you nothing but Peace and Happiness!

If you got a second please check out my FYL project:

I´d love to have your support!
Have a great month!!!
Love, Nadine
5 years ago
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Happy September Vote! We're …
Happy September Vote! We're back to school and back to getting books into the hands of readers everywhere.

Now until September 16th, you can help us win a share of $5,00,000 by voting for Reader to Reader in the Chase Community Giving Challenge on Facebook. Just copy and paste this link:

... and you’ll be redirected to the Challenge. Vote for Reader to Reader and share this exciting opportunity with your networks! When someone votes off of the link you share, you can vote a second time for Reader to Reader.
6 years ago
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Mark SAYS:
Hi Everyone: As of today the…
Hi Everyone:
As of today the fundraising goal of $2500 has been met. Thank you all for making this adventure possible. The power of the Boston Marathon to raise funds for good causes is amazing. Some think that charity runners do not belong in such high profile events. You might be interested to take a look at an article sent me by my Tufts Marathon Team coach, Don Megerle.
Without Don's generous support during training I would not have been able to take up the challenge at such short notice. I only found out about the UUSC program in mid March. Normally it takes a good five or six months of preparation to get ready for a marathon. Because of the Tufts program I had already been training in anticipation of a possible unofficial (bandit) run.
I'm truly heartened by the generosity of such a large number of donors.
Thanks again to all donors and UUSC.
6 years ago
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Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, Inc.
Unitarian Uni… SAYS:
Thanks, Don, for supporting …
Thanks, Don, for supporting UUSC by sponsoring Mile 21 of Mark Cronin-Golomb's Run For Justice in the 2012 Boston Marathon. We've cast a vote for you! Best wishes for Team Neurofibromatosis!
6 years ago
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Mark SAYS:
Thanks Don: Being one of the…
Thanks Don:
Being one of the first mile sponsors will encourage others to do same. I'm glad that Heartbreak Hill is taken care of.

6 years ago
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Linda SAYS:
Hi...sending you a Vote (100…
Hi...sending you a Vote (100 points) and wishing you the very best on your fundraising and hoping your Project is a huge success!....(My Project CURE EPILEPSY)
6 years ago
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Donald White
Arlington, MA United States
Stuff About Me:


Dear Friends,

I am about to run my 5th Boston Marathon to raise funds for the fight against Neurofibromatosis (NF).  Running 26.2 miles may be hard, but is nothing compared to living with NF.

As you probably know, our daughter Emma has NF1, a neurological disorder that causes tumors to form in the body and on the skin.  People with NF often struggle with learning disabilities, behavioral issues, and poor motor skills, balance and coordination.  The implications of NF1 range from mild to severe, and there is no way to predict the prognosis for a specific patient.

Despite having several lesions on her brain and an optic tumor behind her eye, Emma is currently a spunky, happy, third grader.  She receives great support with her work and is doing well at school.  She just earned her blue belt in Karate and already has her ticket for the first Sox series against the evil Yankees.  

Emma receives remarkable care at Children’s Hospital Boston to monitor any changes that may occur with her body or behavior.  While we feel fortunate to receive such great care, the need for awareness and advocacy is critical and remains a never-ending process.  Despite being one of the most common genetic disorders in the United States (one in every 2,500 births), NF does not receive much funding because it remains unknown to many.

We do everything we can to support the fight against NF.  This includes asking for support from friends, co-workers, neighbors and family.  

We appreciate your decision to make NF one of the causes that you support this year.  We have met such great families through the outreach efforts of NF Inc., NE, and are doing everything we can to support this great organization.  We thank you for any support that you can provide!!!

Don and Melissa



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