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Hey guys, please donate to save our whales & dolphins to save the planet. This fundraiser is dedicated to http://au.whales.org Whales and dolphins have the right to exist as nature intends, not as humans decide. Like us, whales and dolphins are intelligent beings, capable of suffering. There is plenty of scientific evidence to show this. Like us, they often live in close social groups, pass on wisdom to the next generation, use tools, and grieve for pod mates just like we might. We have the right to life and to freedom, so why shouldn't whales and dolphins have the same rights regardless of their usefulness to us? We need to save whales to save the planet. Planet Earth needs healthy oceans to survive. And healthy oceans need whales. It is not enough to conserve vulnerable species or populations. We need to restore their ocean environment. We need whale and dolphin populations to recover to levels that existed before industrial scale whaling and fishing devastated the oceans. WHALES AND DOLPHINS HAVE RIGHTS There are compelling reasons why whales and dolphins are special and why they are so deserving of our respect, and of our protection. Their inherent value; which WDC believes should be recognised in law. There is good scientific evidence that many whales and dolphins are highly intelligent. Different species of dolphins, variously, recognise themselves in mirrors, help sick pod mates, socialise, live in complex societies, play for fun, grieve for their dead and pass cultural information between individuals. Some individuals even have a very specific role to play within their communities – just like us. And, like us, they should have certain rights recognised. For more info: http://au.whales.org/wdc-in-action/why-protect-whales-and-dolphins



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