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Not This Time! Towards safety, fairness, & accountability.

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Gabe Meyer wrote -

Washington State needs a change to better protect our communities. Victims of reckless police shootings need an avenue for justice. Your help will expand the movement to organize against police brutality. Support Not This Time to hold America accountable!

Not This Time is working to unite Washington residents against the systems of incarceration and this starts with accountability. We believe, that even though the proven unjust system has decimated our communities through mass incarceration, unjust laws, and targeted disenfranchisement, we must meet that systemic power with truth and wisdom. The strong control the weak, but the wise control the strong!

Founded by Andre’ Taylor, Not This Time is a grass-roots movement that evolved from the killing by the Seattle Police Department of his brother, Mr. Che Andre Taylor on February 21, 2016. After recognizing the inherent bias in the current law, we now have a strategy to change it. To grow and be successful, we need your help!

Please give $25, $50, $100, or $500 today to help fund the movement for change!

Did you know that Washington State has the most regressive and dangerous use of force law in America? The current law makes the burden for prosecution too high because it requires the state to prove that an officer acted "with malice" and "without a good faith belief" in cases of deadly use of force.

Placing officers above the law presents a danger to our communities and has led to 213 deaths in Washington between 2005 and 2015 at the hands of the police. 25 people have been killed by police in Washington thus far in 2016. There is little to no recourse for families when officers wrongfully act.

Washington’s Joint Legislative Task Force on the Use of Deadly Force in Community Policing recently recommended changing the law. Not This Time is supporting their recommendations and is coordinating a coalition of stakeholders to build our power. The next step is organizing to get the State Legislature to change the law. Simultaneously, we are building an initiative campaign for a vote of the people if the legislature fails to act.

This three-part strategy will build on the momentum for change we have seen so far and add to the national movement for accountability. Follow the link below and give a donation and then forward this message to 5-50 of your friends.

Not This Time is building the “American Accountability Network” to coordinate actions towards changing the law in Washington. Network members include African American, Native American, Asian Pacific Islander and Latino organizations as well as local and national social justice, political and faith organizations, unions, and groups from all over Washington State.

An initiative effort to put this change on the ballot was started in 2016 and in only a few months, it was endorsed by many political organizations elected officials, and unions (

Not This Time, is the embodiment of resolve, an encapsulated 400 years of justice deferred, that change agents of the world has risen to say #NOTTHISTIME. Please contribute today!


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