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You have probably never heard of PSC (Primary Sclerosing Cholangits). This is autoimune bioduct disease; it is rare and incurable but treatable. Unfortunately, it affects people in the prime of their lives.
Some people that have been diagnosed with this disease require one to several liver transplants.
Donating funds will help with research to find a cure as well as help with medical costs associated for those who require extensive medical treatments and liver transplants.

Below is the story of Jess Patterson a dear friend, smart, witty, sporty and kind who touched the lives of many.

In the summer of 2003, Jess was 25 years old and diagnosed with PSC and Ulcerative Colitis. Jess displayed symptoms of incredibly itchy skin and fast weight loss. He was diagnosed at a top hospital in Sothern California. He was tired and sick, Jess’s symptoms never kept him from enjoying life, like photography, golfing, playing video games, working on his cars, analyzing computers and visiting family. He continued to work and live his life optimistic, waiting to be normal again.

The Doctor stated he would need a liver in ten years. Informing us that Jess was not a candidate for a live donor transplant, he was put on the UNOS list to wait for a donor. After dealing with insurance contracting issues Jess started with the second hospital in early 2010. They informed us he was an ideal candidate for a live donor transplant.

Jess was excited and emotional when he learned that some of his family members and friends were willing to donate part of their liver to him. Testing resulted that his younger brother was chosen as the best match, and live donor surgery was scheduled for July 8th. In early June, Jess had a colitis flare up and lost a lot of weight he was admitted to the hospital on June 19th. Unfortunately, he was no longer a candidate for a live donor transplant due to the new health issues. This was a set back since the live donor surgery was just a few weeks away. Jess was put on and off the UNOS list many times as he continued to fight through several complications. We all kept strong hoping Jess would conquer the disease.

Sadly, on July 21, 2010 we lost Jess. He lost his battle with PSC at the young age of 32, just 7 years after his diagnosis. We hope that other families do not have to go through the tragedy we have experienced. We wish we could have been more educated on this disease to enable us to help and protected Jess.
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In memory of Jess- 9 years ago