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Donating rickshaw to madrasa

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Hello everyone. Peace be upon you all. My name is Abdul Alim. I am from Bangladesh. I want to start a charity project to help madrasa students (religious school in Bangladesh) All over the rural areas of Bangladesh, madrasas rely on donation to maintain their day to day activity. Giving them any money is spent quickly. I want help them out differently. I want to enable them to have a monthly source of income from where they can sustain their day to day expenses. Following is my explanation for the project. I want to donate a rickshaw(a mechanical three wheeled transportation vehicle found all over Bangladesh). I will buy a rickshaw(the number will increase 1 by 1) and donate it to the madrasa. They in turn will be the one responsible for it. They will rent it out on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. From the rent collected, they can spend it on their organisation(foods, books, salary and so on). This is the basic plan so far. Now i am going to outline in details on how the actual process will work. Please excuse my bad explanation. Example: So on 31st December we are going to buy the madrasa a rickshaw which is going to cost $100. So from 1st January they can rent it out on a daily basis. So the rent of the rickshaw is lets say $2/day. So by renting out the rickshaw for a month(30 days to keep the calculations easy) the madrasa will earn $60 for the month of January. So on 31st January, we are going to buy a new rickshaw aka Rick1 to the madrasa. Here is a catch, we will come into an agreement with the madrasa that whatever rent they get, we will take half of it, the other half they can keep it for their expenses. So for the 2nd rickshaw aka Rick2 to be bought on 1st February, we have $30 from the rent of the Rick1, from the previous month now we need to add another $70 and we will be able to buy the Rick2. So in February, both the rickshaws are running and each generate $60/month. So from RIck 1 and RIck 2, by the last day of February, we have $120 in total. The madrasa takes $60 and we keep the other $60. So in order to buy the 3rd Rickshaw aka RIck3 we just need to add $40 to buy it. So on 1st March, we hand over the 3rd rickshaw aka Rick3 to the madrasa. So by the end of March, we have $180 from the 3 rickshaws. We again spilt 50/50. The madrasa keeps $90 and we take the $90. Again to buy the 4th Rickshaw aka RIck4 we just need to add $10 to buy it. This process goes on till we have 10 rickshaws in total given to that madrasa. Now from the 11th month, we have 10 rickshaws each earning $2/day. So that is $600/mon. Now to buy a new rickshaw, we only need $100. So we take $100 and the madrasa keeps $500. With the $100 in our hand, we buy a new rickshaw to a new madrasa. The whole process is repeated again. So after the 2nd madrasa gets their 10 rickshaws, now we have $1200/mon from 20 rickshaws from both the madrasa. Each madrasa earns $600. In order for us to move to a 3rd madrasa, we only need $50 from each madrasa. Each keeps $550 of the monthly income. Now we move to the 3rd madrasa. We take $50 from madrasa 1 and madrasa 2. Now after the 3rd madrasa gets their 10 rickshaws, we have $1800/mon from all the 3 madrasa. To move to the next madrasa, we just ned $33 from each to buy a new rickshaw every month. This cycle continues and everytime we fulfill a madrasa, the amount of money we take to buy a rickshaw for a new madrasa decreases. Hence the madrasas are able to retain most of their income, and they contribute very less for the rickshaws of a completely new madrasa. This is the basic and somewhat detailed idea about my project. It can be acheived in a very short time or it can take sometime depending on the donations we get. Some key features of this project: self sustaining. total charitable project 100% oversight and accountability A very rigorous details of every cent/penny spent on the project. everyone is equal partner regardless of the amount they donated can be diversified into other projects from the money generated scope to help in other field/sector. risk is minimal aimed at helping to build the quality of the madrasa and the students who studies in them. If you want to know more about the project or talk about it. You are more than welcome to contact me directly. My email address is: Any prayer is also highly appreciated. Thank you very much.



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